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Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin net worth?

Once again we have a sex scandal and a money spot light on the Clinton campaign. New York divorce records are public and some may ask how did the young government employees ended up with millions of dollars? Why was Huma working three jobs?
Still, it was hard to keep everything separate. Take the two Clinton staffers from those email exchanges: Doug Band and Huma Abedin. Toward the end of Clinton's tenure, Abedin sought and was granted "special government employee" status, which meant she could work part time for both the State Department and outside groups. She ended up doing work for the Clinton Foundation, as well as Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm run by Band.

1. HRC chief of staff.
2. The Clinton Foundation.
3. Teneo Holdings.

Wow. Three jobs and a new baby at home. I wonder how much Carlos is going to get in alimony?

On the Sabbath day?

Be a joy to your brother and sister today.

Free shots at gay bars.

No not booze.

People hanging out this past Saturday night at Velvet Lounge, a gay bar in Santa Ana, might have been surprised by a special offer: Along with drinks, gay and bisexual men could also get a free meningitis shot inside the venue.

The event was the first in a series of pop-up vaccination clinics that the Orange County Health Care Agency plans to hold at gay bars and clubs during August and September. It was a hit, with 31 people getting the shot and many expressing appreciation that the agency was there, says Jenna Sarin, the health care agency's division manager for family health.

The clinics are part of larger push by Los Angeles and Orange County health officials to get all gay and bisexual men vaccinated against meningitis. There are always a few cases in a typical year, but there's been a spike since March: 22 in L.A. and Orange Counties, two of them fatal. Most of the patients have been gay or bisexual men.

Once again we see a public health issue coming from the homosexual community. It's a unhealthy lifestyle.

DU eating their own again.

Ellen DeGeneres defends her Usain Bolt tweet some claimed was racist.

2. this smacks of homophobes waiting for even the smallest thing to tear Ellen down.
19. You must be white..
28. Some people can find outrage everywhere.
207. And this racist bullshit needs to end, whether you think it is or not!

I think the thread has over 300 post.

My two cents on this election.

As for today 8/12/16 things are going very good from me. Stock market at all time high. Interest rates at about record low and my real estate is at record high. I have 5 grocery store near me overflowing with fresh food and my swimming pool is open year round.

Hillary know she need the money from wall street, banks and the super rich to get and to keep the WH so I don't see much changing with Clinton in the White House.

She's a crook and a lier but I think almost all of them are. She can't take way guns just like Republicans can't stop abortions.

Have a exit plan ready.I like Panama.

Has our stock market hit the top?

The S&P and Dow are going sideways. Many of my stocks are near a 52 week high. Is anybody selling and taking profits?

Why is this headline news?

A young Google account manager was killed on Sunday.
Vanessa Marcotte, 27, was found dead near her mother's home in Princeton, Massachusetts, a small town of fewer than 3,500 people.

Marcotte, who lives in New York City, was visiting her mother for the weekend.
She'd gone out for a walk or a run in the afternoon. Her family reported her missing around 3 p.m. when she didn't return home as expected, according to Maureen Lynch, administrative assistant at the Princeton Police Department.

Her body was found just after 8 p.m. by canine units in a wooded area on Brooks Station Road, the same street where her mother lives.

She worked in the company's health care division for a year. Google must have thousands of employees why is this on the front page of CNN and CNN money?

Snowflakes in the Eastern Sierras.

Had the joy of spending time in the Eastern Sierras with a bunch of snowflakes kids.

The only time they stopped whining was when they went off to smoke weed.

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