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Donald Trump ad.

Fun ad. A great push back to the world wide liberal elite.

If Clinton has any

dabilatating health problems I did not see any evidence of it last night.

But I still don't trust her.

The Samaritan woman.

The Samaritan woman at the well was the first person to whom Jesus openly reveals himself as Messiah. Why a woman? Not just a woman, but a Samaritan woman. This woman went to the well alone in the heat of the middle of the day as she was not welcome by the other woman who draw water early and late when it was cool. Her married history with five husbands was scandalous and yet Jesus picked her and that moment to share the Good News.

This is also the longest private conservation Jesus had with anyone in the New Testament.

Pray for peace in our land and love your brother.

Unrest/Riots on election day.

If we see unrest or riots on election day and theses riots are in key swing states like NC, Ohio, Penn we will have a problem.

I can hear it now.

AA could not get to the polls because of fear, police closed streets, poll workers did not show up to work. How can we call this a fair election if hundreds of thousands of AA people were stopped from voting. People living in the suburbs had no problem voting...........

I have said it for over a year. Obama will still be in office next year because of problems with this election. I truly fear what going to happen in November. Remember the Bush, Gore election in 2000.

Where's Waldo? Where's Hillary?

Over on DU I read Hillary being MIA is causing some concerns.

Ohio scares me.
2. I keep hearing that the Clinton campaign has a massive infrastructure advantage over Trump. She has dozens of campaign offices. That is all well and good, but what are those offices doing? Where is the community outreach and exciting the base? What is the purpose of these offices if they can't do that.

3. Warren and Bernie were there this past weekend, I believe Chelsea will be there over the next 2 days...Warren in particular was great at footage I saw in a few locations...but the swing states need to see more of Hillary....I believe she is in Fla today and then nothing else is on her schedule until the debate, and then 1 rally in PA... according to her events calendar...Kaine is in NV today or tomorrow....I understand prepping for the debate, but Trump is doing 3 rallies a day in these places, he is seemingly in NC OH FL several times a week....this is probably impacting the polls.

5. Bernie, Warren, Chelsea are nice but Hillary needs to go weekly at least
President Obama didn't win Ohio by much. She needs to be in Ohio constantly. The three mentioned are not running for president.

This one is the best.
9. If every black person in Ohio that is registered to vote - is allowed to vote
She wins.

While Hillary is napping and watching reruns of Matlock Trump pounds away. In Ohio, N.C. Penn and Florida Hillary is spending a lot of money and nothing is working.

Hillary is very good in debates. But if she's to sick to do it or she faints on stage it's all over.

For God so loved the world...............

May you all have peace this weekend. You to Cold Warrior.

Terrorist attack in New Jersey.

SEASIDE PARK — An explosive device went off in a garbage pail Saturday morning along the route of a 5K run and walk to benefit military soldiers.

Multiple devices were also found "wired together" in the same garbage pail, but they did not detonate, according to Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office.

The explosion occurred along the route of the Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K at around 9:30 a.m.

The device is being described as a "pipe bomb-style device" based on a preliminary investigation by officials from the New Jersey State Police Bomb Squad, Della Fave said.

If she falls again?

HRC is back on the campaign trail. With help from Bill Clinton in California, Bernie Sanders in Ohio and President Obama in Philadelphia.

So we have 3 people doing the work for her so she can keep out of site and rest. What will happen if she has a new fainting spell?

What the Democratic elite thinks of us.

How many Democrats support Donald Trump?

Working people have been the base of the Democratic Party since its founding. Is that support starting to erode?

There are reports that many Democrats changed their Party affiliation during the Republican primaries so they could vote for Donald Trump. In places like Ohio, these voters are still supporting Trump. In the latest polls, Trump has a slight lead in Ohio.

But why would workers leave the Democratic Party to vote for someone like Trump?

In my opinion, it goes back to NAFTA and the trade treaties. For more than twenty years, these workers have seen their jobs leave America for the cheap labor overseas. At the same time, they have seen their standard of living drop and good jobs have become more and more scarce. The TPP is the latest incarnation of this trend. Democrats have led the way on many of these trade treaties.

Should we be surprised that working people are leaving the Party?

We should not be surprised that this election is so close if this is the case. The Democratic Party cannot win without the workers of America. It's as simple as that. Ignore the workers at your own peril.

How big a role is this playing in this election? When Donald Trump says that he is going to bring the jobs back to America, that is a very appealing message to a lot of working people, whether it is true or not.

Are Democrats over-looking this issue in this election? Is this an issue that has been unexplored and is Trump reaping the rewards of this discontent? Perhaps this is something Democrats should look at more closely?

I found this post spot on why long time union working democrats would be thinking of voting for Trump.

Then I read this.

3. There will be several registered Democrats voting for Trump.

Mostly white men, and sometimes their wives, that are 45 and up, poorly educated and feeling entitled to be first in line because of their skin color. They lost their jobs when their factories moved to China during the Bush years, and with their poor education and work ethic, they are now floundering. Those are the registered Democrats voting for Trump. Those people aren't working.

So these old, poorly educated, entitled, white racist man and their doormat wives have been voting for the Democrats for years and that's okay with them?

Was Donald Trump sincere?

Looking at the two video on this link Donald Trump looks sincere and truly moved by the event. I'm not a Donald Trump fan but something in his voice tells me to take a second look at him.

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