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Remove the California wall.

I have a win-win.

Remove the US-Mexico in wall California and put in the states/counties who want a wall. Make everybody happy and the Feds could save money by recycling the wall.

When will Rush Limbaugh get the Medal of Freedom?

How much fun will it be when President Donald Trump puts that medal around Rush's fat neck.

Taking money out of the economy.

Mexico's biggest cash cow is under threat from President Donald Trump.
The country's largest source of cash comes from Mexicans living in the United States. That is now under the microscope after Trump issued an executive order Wednesday to start building a wall on the border.

This has been a huge problem here in California with our large Mexican population. Millions of US dollars are removed from the local economy every week. Then the immigrants go to food banks, thrift shops and public assistance programs to make up for the hundreds of dollars they just sent casa.

If President Trump want's to put the heat on Mexico fast stopping the US dollar flow to Mexico is it.

Happy Sunday. 1-22-17

Cat fight.

boston bean:

Hillary supporters are upset about not honoring her at the march because its like a slap in the face to her supporters, who most likely make up a majority of attendees. it's just another fuck you.

God damn, if they want unity, they should act like they want unity and add her fucking name and honor her. it will then be honoring ALL WOMEN. Even those who voted for Hillary.

Damn this shouldn't be this fucking hard. They need to add her fucking name to that list.

BB has a potty mouth.

My flag goes up this Friday.

I'm showing my colors.

It was a miracle .

The Hail Mary.

The Hail Mary is coming. The ruling class can't let Trump take power. My bet is they will go to court to delay Mr. Trump's inauguration until this Russian involvement is clear.

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