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Who's the target?

If or when North Korea send their missiles flying who will be the target?

My guess is the US west coast. Form San Diego to Seattle they should hit something.

Is he a Illegal alien?

Is Jose Gonzalez the killer of the NYC fire dept MET a Illegal alien? I see this on a other site but the New York news outlets are not reporting it.

Over 30 prior arrests and now arrested for the murder of a mom of five.

The American big heart.

A Catholic Services worker prepares "meals on wheels" lunch delivery on March 12, 2014 in Franklin, New Jersey. This year's harsh winter has left many seniors isolated in their homes due to heavy snow. The "meals on wheels" program in Sussex County, run by Catholic Charities, serves elderly, ill and at-risk citizens citizens hot food 5 days a week.

Meals on Wheels received 50 times the typical amount of daily donations on Thursday after the White House proposed cuts to some of the program’s sources of funding, a spokesperson for the group said.

Bertolette said the support to the national Meals on Wheels office has been “amazing” and “very overwhelming.”

She said local programs raise funds individually, but she theorized that “there was likely a groundswell of local support, as well.”

I told you. People will step up. They want to volunteer. When it's all over MOW will have more money and more volunteer.

A STD Museum in San Francisco.

The New York Times compared the creation of such a museum to that of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in Manhattan and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan. But whereas all of the former are signs of remembrance for acts of war and terrorism, this would be one of the first museums created in the USA to memorialize an epidemic.

“The story of AIDS is more than a disease,” John Cunningham, the executive director of the AIDS Memorial Grove told the New York Times. “ The real underpinnings of that story are about humanity, social justice, human rights and what it means to be a citizen of the world. Somehow there needs to be a keeper of the story.”

The act of sodomy is very unhealthy and when men have sex with men at the rate of 20-30 a week why are people shocked when they get a disease.

Like all outer compulsive disorders these people need help early in life.


So overwhelming.

Peace to you all.

What do we do with the genderless?

Man spends $50,000 on over 100 procedures to transform into a 'genderless' ALIEN (and he plans to have his genitals, nipples and bellybutton removed next.

The make-up artists believes he's neither male nor female and so his extreme look is a way of mirror how he feels inside.

'I've wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17, I've been going to doctors to see if it's possible but had no luck.
'I don't want people to think I'm trying to change into a woman. I could live without sexual organs so why should I have a penis or a vagina.

Are any of us surprised? Add a new stripe to the flag of sin.

What happen to the Koch Brothers?

Their name popped up over on DU like popcorn at the movie theater. The far rights bankers of hate and oppression of woman are MIA. I know they backed Jeb Bush and then Hillary Clinton in the election but wow I never seen the go to bad guys just disappear like that.

Beaten to death for $1.14.

Man beaten to death over $1.14 at Oakland park.

Police say two young men are accused of brutally beating a 55-year-old man to death in an Oakland park and stealing $1.14 from him.

KRON-TV reported Tuesday that 19-year-old Jabari Jones and 18-year-old Breshawn Clark were arrested last week on suspicion of murder.

Investigators said a 12-year-old called 911 after spotting Phillip Fai Low lying motionless.

Officials said witnesses saw Jones punch and stomp on Low multiple times Feb. 22 at Lowell Park. Police said Jones and Clark left the park but returned twice more to further assault Low and steal his money.

Officer Jose Barocio said at one point Jones and Clark put Low inside a shopping cart and threw him into water.

Got to love California. If convicted the two kids will get of of prison before the next super bowl.
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