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Riots in Paris.

More than 9,000 police have been drafted in for the march which descended into carnage as officers were forced to use tear gas and baton charges to control the violence.

Do today's riots in Paris help or hurt candidate Marine La Pen?

The Virginia democrat governors race.

This topic popped up over on DU and the pro-life votes by Perriello and the endorsement by their progressive heros have them in a panic again.

Any Virginia residents here?

The battle of ideas are still going on in the Democrat Party.

BeckyDem 568 posts.
The Democratic party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates.

Thursday 13 April 2017 11.28 EDT
James Peck

>Worth thinking about.

Since losing the presidency to a Cheeto-hued reality TV host, the Democratic party’s leadership has made it clear that it would rather keep losing than entertain even the slightest whiff of New Deal style social democracy.

>>After beating an establishment Democrat in the primary, Thompson promised to take on Trump and the Republicans, as well as the state’s unpopular Republican governor Sam Brownback and Kansas-headquartered oligarchs the Koch brothers.

In one campaign ad, Thompson shoots an AR-15 rifle at a target before delivering a broad, class-based appeal: “People of all colors, all races, all religions, they want the basic same thing … they want to be able to provide for their family, provide a good education for their kids. We’ve got to get back to this country being about the working class family.”

>>In an interview with The Washington Post, Perez confirmed the DNC would not be giving Thompson a dime. “We can make progress in Kansas,” he said. “There are thousands of elections every year, though. Can we invest in all of them? That would require a major increase in funds.” Fact check: the DNC has a fund just for Congressional elections, of which there are just ten this year.

50 Shades Of Blue (1,030 posts)
1. No comment.

Eliot Rosewater (3,130 posts)
2. What the FUCK
and I am the one on thin ice around here?

Islamic civil code enforcement in US.

MINNEAPOLIS — Muslim leaders in Minneapolis are wary of a man who has been patrolling a predominantly Somali neighbourhood to enforce the Islamic civil code.

Abdullah Rashid has been telling residents of the Cedar-Riverside neighbourhood not to drink, use drugs or interact with the opposite sex, according to his interpretation of Sharia law. He’s been telling Muslim women to wear a flowing head-to-toe garment called a jilbab.

Rashid, 22, told the newspaper that he leads a group called the General Presidency of the Religious Affairs and Welfare of the Ummah. He says he has enlisted 10 others to help him patrol.

They have 11 Sharia law enforcement officers in one neighbourhood so it's not just one guy. Something tells me if it was a group of Christian men walking around telling woman what to were the crap would hit the fan.

Dortmund explosions: 'Islamist' suspect held over team bus attack.

German police have detained a suspect with "Islamist links" following a bomb attack on the bus of the Borussia Dortmund football team.

This is turning into a weekly event. I don't think one post was made about this.

Happy Palm Sunday!

Don Rickles has died.

I don't know where to put this post.

Funny guy.

My very pro President Trump boss is not happy.

For the first time in 13 years our employees are finding jobs in the area that pay more and are leaving or asking the boss if he will match the pay. Most of these people have been making $10 or $11 dollars an hour for years but with the growing economy they have the power to move on.

We also have a part time crew who now are full time with health insurance.

Viva! Trump!

Progressive shows on YouTube begging for money.

Fake news begging for money.

If Susan Rice gets a lawyer

is that a sign of wrong doing?
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