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What's the plan with sex robots?

Question on humanoid sex robots.

Should we have any restrictions on them? Could the local bar have 1 or 2 working in the bar like having cigarette machines and jukeboxes? How about humanoid sex robots that look like 12 year olds or even 4 year olds? It's only a machine but at the same time what will happen to our culture when every bar in town has a humanoid bar maid that looks just like the girl on the cover of the SI swimsuit cover and for fifty bucks she's yours?

How about a pedophile bar? Or maybe we can't call them pedophiles anymore because it may look like a 10 year old cub scout but it's really a machine.

I know the idea is sick but the day is near.

The DNC 3.5

Jimmy Dore is Rush Limbaugh on steroids.

Who benefits with Sen. Sanders out of the game?

I was reading about the GOP using the FBI to go after Sen. Sanders wife. I would think a strong Bernie Sanders is good for helping to split up the democrat party. Sen. Bernie Sanders is still pulling young people away from the democrat party so why would the GOP want him out of the game?

Happy Sunday!

I'll make you a fisher of men.

I apologize.

I apologize for my behavior over the last few months after the election. Spiking the football over and over again is counterproductive for living in a civilized nation. Civilized people can disagree without hating each other and I will try to live that way on this board.

Again I apologize.

Suicide bomber yells 'Allahu Akbar' as he triggers an explosive vest at Brussels.

I love to go more than 2 day without seeing this in the news.

Georgia Runoff in the 6th.

The Georgia 6th has been a Republican seat for a long time. Can Jon pull off a win?

It might be time for Tom Perez to step down.

ecstatic (21,834 posts)
It might be time for Tom Perez to step down.

If Ossof loses tomorrow, Perez might need to step down. We need fighters right now!

Blue_Tires (47,894 posts)
3. No fuckin' way in hell...

Perez deserves to see out the election cycle at the BARE minimum, which means November 2018... THEN he can be evaluated properly.

The last thing the party needs is another period of flux and uncertainty for three MORE months as we go through the same song-and-dance infighting that we had trying to find the current chair.

hrmjustin (70,708 posts)
11. If he should go so should Ellison.

DU ran off the Sanders fans and now a new hole below the water line.

Only last year the Democrats were going to run everything in DC for the next 20 years with out first woman President at the helm.

Let's all stand and place your hand over your heart.

An American citizen for less than three minutes and he knows so much more than many of us.

Happy fathers day.

Are you ready?

Billy Graham is almost 100 years old. He said. "My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world."

I feel when he dies this nation is going to blow up. Just pray!
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