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Billy Graham funeral.

He started his career in 1945 in a large tent and will close in 2018 in a large tent.

Stacey Dash running for office.

I don't know who she is and the district in California she's running for is a working class minority neighborhood. I don't see her living there but I guess she does. I looked at youtube some of the political stuff she said over the last few years.

Dana Loesch at CPAC today


Angry liberal.

One of my facebook groups is a Newport Beach Calif group and one of the rules on this site is no politics. Someone posted about the death of Billy Graham and how her grandmother went to a Billy Graham crusade in Fargo ND. A woman now in her 80's said she remembers neighbors coming over for cake and coffee to watch the crusade on their black and white TV. More and more people posted about the lost of the great Billy Graham and then in comes the angry liberal.

Then the angry liberal woman post. "I do not mourn him. He is part of the reason that I do not have full rights because his religious beliefs were promoted as more important than the full rights of all Americans."

"This is an inherently political post because his bigotry is held up as exemplary. There are Christians who follow Jesus and not their prejudices; I am not anti-Christian".

" Gay children have been sent to "treatment" where they were tortured and have been killed because of base prejudice against LGBTI people, who God created and loves as much as anyone else - and which prejudice Graham promoted.

Jesus did not preach this, but the opposite."

I look at her facebook page and it's nothing but politics and her cats. Angry, hate, angry and more hate. I bet she posts on DU. I was going to post a reply to her rant but I live in the same town and have a wife and kids.

Billy and Ruth Graham together again.

Happy Sunday! 2/18

Shout to the Lord!

I sing for joy!

Marilyn Manson

Not much has gone right for Manson and his band in recent months. Manson launched the current tour last October in support of his new album Heaven Upside Down, but was forced to cancel dates after suffering a dramatic onstage injury when a gun-shaped prop fell on him, breaking his leg in two places. Shortly after, former guitarist Daisy Berkowitz (real name Scott Putesky) died from complications of colon cancer, and longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez (real name Jeordie White) was fired from the group following allegations of sexual assault. Manson returned to touring last November with his leg in a cast, but immediately sparked controversy when he aimed a fake rifle at an audience in San Bernardino, California.

Marilyn Manson who name is made from Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Manson on stage in NY. Just watch the video from his show and we wonder why kids are killing their classmates.

Check your profile.

I was getting a request to serve on juries everyday. Some days more than twice when something hot was in the news. Now today I was thinking that I have not been asked to serve on a jury in weeks so I checked my profile and I see my willing to serve on juries was changed to not-willing. Great way to flood the jury with the "correct People"

Any other members have this happened?

This one is stange.........

A Toronto Canada firefighter goes missing at a ski area in New York State is found 5 days later near Sacramento California. Still in his ski clothes with his helmet and goggles and no ID.

Philadelphia Eagles team Chaplain.

Pastor Ted Winsley.

The guy is good at his job.
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