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It's only Friday......

Sunday is coming...

The JC Superstar from 2000.

I never saw this 2000 version. Pontius Pilate show great mercy for Jesus and the crowd calling for His crucifixion look like modern day Orthodox Jews. The whipping is also done by the Orthodox looking Jews and not by a Roman Centurion. Highly inflammatory to modern day Jews IMO.

It was heartbreaking

that Democratic Underground was down this night.

Midterms elections 2018 and jobs.


The following section compares data from recent presidential and gubernatorial elections with the party of the incumbent in each 2018 Senate race. These trends can be used as an early indicator of expected competitive Senate races in the 2018 elections. All of these statistics predict that the Democratic Party will be far more vulnerable than the Republican Party in the 2018 Senate elections.

There are 10 states with a Democratic incumbent that Donald Trump won in 2016:

North Dakota
West Virginia

Only one state with a Republican incumbent was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016: Nevada.

There are 13 states with a Democratic incumbent that have a Republican governor:

New Mexico
North Dakota

I just see the voters keeping these Democrats in office after the job growth under President Trump in just one year. They can talk about some hot woman he may have had sex with 10-15 years ago but we went through that with President Clinton and it's old news.

Go home and know.


I think they lied to us.

California considers lower taxes on pot to help new legal industry compete with black market.

Alarmed that California's fledgling legal marijuana industry is being undercut by the black market, a group of lawmakers proposed Thursday to reduce state taxes for three years on growing and selling cannabis to allow licensed sellers to get on their feet.

With many California license holders claiming they can't compete because of high state and local taxes, the new legislation would cut the state excise tax from 15% to 11% and suspend a cultivation tax that charges $148 per pound.

So high taxes and government regulations are bad for business?

Happy Sunday. Jesus is calling.

Senater Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats most popular elected official is Bernie Sanders and it drives DU crazy.

The California democrat party did not endorse Senator Feinstein and that's okay, but when Bernie doesn't endorse her they go off on him.

Our Revolution pooring money into democrat primaries.

A Bernie Sanders group called Our Revolution is funding democrat candidates in their local primaries. The DNC and DNCCC had to spend three times the money in Texas to get their candidates the 51% to avoid a run off. This is money they will not have in the general election next fall.

Once again Sen. Bernie Sanders is the democrats biggest headache.
Over 100 posts in less that 3 hours.

Source: AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders is warning the Democratic Party not to attack its own candidates in primary battles, as happened in a Houston-area congressional race.

The Vermont senator said it's "appalling" that the party's congressional campaign arm targeted Laura Moser ahead of Tuesday's primary election. Moser, an activist, is endorsed by Sanders' Our Revolution group.

Sanders told The Associated Press on Wednesday that such attacks are "not acceptable."

Moser advanced to a runoff with Democratic front-runner Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, despite the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee publishing an opposition research memo calling her "a Washington insider who begrudgingly moved to Texas" to run for Congress.

Help Wanted.

Some U.S. steel and aluminum makers are restarting idle mills and ramping up capacity to make up for imports that face being priced out of the market if President Donald Trump’s proposed import tariffs take hold.

United States Steel Corp. X 2.60% on Wednesday said it would fire up a blast furnace in Granite City, Ill., and call back 500 workers. Century Aluminum Co. CENX 3.91% said last week it will restart lines at a smelter in Kentucky that have been curtailed since 2015, doubling its workforce there to 600.

“Our Granite City Works facility and employees…have suffered too long from the unending waves of unfairly traded steel products that have flooded U.S. markets,” U.S. Steel Chief Executive David Burritt said. The company had idled the furnaces and laid off hundreds of workers in 2015 as a flood of cheap imports pushed down domestic prices.

U.S. Steel shares rose 3.8% Wednesday to $46.25, making for a 28% increase in the past 12 months.

I wonder what being said in the union halls tonight?
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