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This is going to be good...


DU is a little concerned with socialist democrat win in NY.

Democratic voters in New York’s 14th Congressional District delivered a shock to the political system Tuesday night, rejecting the fourth-ranking member of the party’s House leadership, Representative Joseph Crowley, in favor of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old former Bernie Sanders campaign organizer who has called for abolishing the nation’s immigration and customs enforcement agency.

In doing so, voters delivered a message to Democrats and Republicans across the country, and perhaps in Albany: The liberal base is fired up, showing up at the polls, and may be ignored only at great political risk.

In the 140+ replies some are unhappy that Hillary supporters are being pushed aside as "old time democrats". Some don't want the Our Revolution Party running the Cortez campaign. Let's see in the general election if the people are this far left.

School Day.

I gave him a serving.

Again we see.

Democrats and liberals going full court press to help non-Americans. This is why union members, and life long democrats voted for the guy.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. IMO he needs to stay with that. You don't change your playbook when your 30 points ahead in the second quarter.

Separation of children?

Should we let their children live with them in jail?
Should we let them out of jail so we have no separation?
Do you think their children cried when mommy or daddy went away?

If we see peace on the Korean peninsula.

When it comes to world history how big is peace on the Korean peninsula?

Mia Farrow?

Did I miss something? When did Mia Farrow become someone that people follow about politics? I remember her for three things.

1. She was in Rosemary's baby.
2. Married to Frank Sinatra.
3. Married to Woody Allen.

How do you go from Sinatra to Allen.

What happen to all the Blue Wave talk?

Today is election and the democrats and DU should have their organic champagne on ice. Over on DU and NPR the talk is already about Putin and bad weather in key states.

Love the left.

In other words, she blames the Democratic party for the loss of faith in the electoral process, not the Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression, nor Russian interference and meddling in elections. We are not "prgressive" enough, and apparently that is why election integrity is going the way of the dodo, not Putin and his trolls influencing both the extreme right and the extreme left. But the Democratic party is to blame, according to her.

With "friends" like these....

It's a 2+ hour forum from a far left group and DU is not happy about it.

I think the democrats are getting it.
dogknob (2,216 posts)

The bad guys are going to win
We are easily divided because someone objects to a word, or a plank.
They are unified and singular in purpose.
vi5 (12,824 posts)
3. That's exactly our problem....

They are against abortion. Across the board.

They are for low or no taxes. Across the board.

They are against all government regulation. Across the board.

They are pro-military. Across the board.

Everything we are supposedly for either has a lot of caveats, has to be neutered or toned down to please a small minority faction of our elected reps, or is thrown overboard at the slightest sign of inconvenience.

We are for easy access to reproductive freedom. Oh, well you know except some cases. And only if we make sure government doesn't pay for it. And well, except maybe in Louisiana where Democrats just sponsored and signed a majorly restrictive anti-choice law.

We are for a fair tax system. But just make sure we aren't too mean to Wall Street or the NY/NJ Democrats don't get too scared. And well, maybe we should keep SOME tax cuts, and well maybe there is something to trickle down economics.

We are sort of for Unions. When it's convenient, and when it gets us votes and donations. But man, some of that Bezos money would be sweet, huh.

We are for public schools, but man maybe charters and vouchers are pretty neat too.

And on, and on, and on with any issue.

I don't think it's any coincidence that over the past 20-30 years, as our positions have become more negotiable and with more caveats, that our electoral victories have been fewer and by slimmer margins.

The infighting in the democrat party is their biggest roadblock to winning. The greatest show on earth.

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