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Happy Sunday. 5-13


Why am I seeing homosexual vacation site ads and abortion ads on the Beliefs page? Anybody else seeing this trash?

Israeli ground forces crossing Syrian border.

Yesterdays Iranian rockets fired from Syria never made it to Israel. The rockets fell miles from the Israeli border and now Israeli tanks and ground troops are making a buffer zone in that area. The UN peace keepers in the Golan Heights are pulling out knowing Israeli ground forces are massing for a move there to.

Russia is loving $70+ oil so they're happy to sit back.

Netanyahu knows the time to strike is now with a pro Israel White House and a helpful Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Israel will be at war with Iran soon to put an end this bad neighbor.

$4.11 gas in California.

Local Chevron station.

Regular $3.95
Plus $4.03
Supreme $4.11
Diesel $3.99

Time to get the bike out.

Jesus at Cannes.

Have the French found God?

Given the crop of projects being shopped at the Cannes film market that features Christian-themed narratives — notably An Interview With God, Samson and God Bless the Broken Road — and with Wim Wenders’ doc Pope Francis: A Man of His Word playing as an official selection at the festival, there are signs that fare once ignored by international buyers and Cannes programmers is receiving a warm welcome.

Though I Can Only Imagine is the highest-grossing 2018 indie in the U.S. — with an $82 million haul so far — it doesn’t appear to be an outlier. An Interview With God, which stars David Strathairn and Brenton Thwaites, also is finding traction with foreign buyers. Film Bridge International’s Ellen Wander, who is selling the feature, is in the process of closing deals for the U.K., Australia, the Philippines, Germany and Latin America.

This one was a big hit at Cannes last year.

Israeli fighter jets hitting Syria.

Israeli fighter jets are hitting missiles sites outside of Damascus. Iran is not happy about the loss of the deal and will be using their puppet states of Syria and Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia and Israel. Russia moved their people away last week.

Israel. One of the most liberal nations in the world.

And American liberals hate it and American conservative love it.

I have this debate with liberals all the time.

Israel is pro....

Same sex marriage. Years before the US.
Homosexual adoption of children.
Woman rights.
Education of girls.
Woman working.
Freedom of the press.
Nude beaches.

The only nation in a thousand miles that is liberal and you would think American liberals would hold it up to their neighboring nations as a model.

"First of all, I want to thank my Lord and Saviour."

Jockey Mike Smith after winning todays Kentucky Derby.

National Day of Prayer,

I leave for the Newport Beach City Hall for our NDP in a few minutes.

And we have the march in DC this weekend.

She's running in 2020

As of 2016 I'm a registered democrat. 40 years as an republican and I was never asked for money or was polled about anything. Now I get a text a day asking for money or a phone call from some polling guy.

Over the last few weeks I keep getting links to the new Hillary Clinton office web site. Her vision for America. Her history in government and her new (onward together) logo.

I think she will run again in 2020 if the field is weak like it is now.
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