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Definition of presume.

1 : to undertake without leave or clear justification.
2 : to expect or assume especially with confidence.
3 : to suppose to be true without proof.

Most of Sodland's testimony today.

The body language ghost.

Jordan V Taylor

Do you live in California?

A bunch of new laws in California on housing. AB 881 and SB 330.

There is no more R1 (1 lot / 1home) zoning in California. The state and not the city or county is in control of the zoning. If you have a single family home (R1) you can make it into a triplex and your city or HOA can't stop it. If you own a two unit property (R2) you can now make it into a 4 unit. You can now build up to 3 feet of the sidewalk and you don't need to have any extra parking if you live less that a half mile from a bus stop.

Hearings. Live

Joe is weak, Sanders and Warren are too far left.

Deval Patrick, Ex-Governor of Massachusetts, Is Considering White House Bid
Days after Michael Bloomberg began taking steps to enter the 2020 race, Mr. Patrick’s conversations with top Democrats are the latest evidence of an unsettled presidential primary field.

The party is missing an Obama or Bill Clinton to get democrats to the polls and they know it.

This always puts a smile on my face.

Have a great weekend!!

Sanders wants Bill Gates 100 billion a year in taxes.

Sanders and Warren have gone mad.

UCLA Native American group say no to Warren.

UCLA Native American group has said Elizabeth Warren is not welcome on the UCLA campus. The DNC will need to find a new location for their December presidential primary debate.

Lefty so lost.

Lefty invested almost 3 years to this guy.

If the nation hates President Trump so much why can't lefty wait 1 year +2 day and just vote him out???

Lefty knows.....

Let's not forget.

This guy was the one the democrats said was going to bring Our President down.

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