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Take back the military. DU?

Baked Potato (435 posts)

Dear Democrats, the Republicans are handing us the Military on a silver platter, through their insulting rhetoric and blunders. Take the Military and Patriotism, embrace it, and keep it forever. Republicans are showing themselves as traitorous, money hungry scum balls who besmirch even the most courageous and honorable public servants, in uniform and out.

A sea change is possible with this important group of Americans. Pound the corrupt turncoats hard. Expose their phony patriotism for what it is.

To those in uniform... You are loved and respected and appreciated!

So a wild report on MSM with nothing to verify the information and DU will retake the military vote.

I just deleted Drudge Report from my favorites.

The Drudge Report is CNN lite.

Good by.

Her name was Kayla Mueller

Young Christian woman from AZ who went to Syria to work with Doctors without borders. Kidnapped and sold to ISSI leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi and used as a sex slave for 18+ months. Kayla may have been killed in a airstrike in Feb 2015 but no proof has been given.

I wonder why Kayla's name never comes up in the MSM news reports about the killing of Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The day after the 2016 election.

e-mail. Peter Strzok to girlfriend Page. Nov. 10th 2016

We need ALL of their names to scrub and we should give ours for the same purpose.

Hillary was a 85%+ to win and deep state was sloppy in their commutations.

The President of Peace.

Thank you and God Bless you President Trump for getting our young people out of harms way. Please stop the democrats and their war machine.

DU still has a huge hard on about Tulsi Gabbard.

Bev54 (109 posts)

30. She is not a democrat she is.....

a Russian plant, trying to get support to run as a 3rd party spoiler in certain important states. This is the same play they used with Jill Stein, she also was a Russian plant. I would be looking very carefully at where her funding is really coming from. Do not fall for this play another time people, it is what got you Trump.

I don't understand.

The Syrians, Kurds and Turkish people all are Muslim and worship the religion of peace. So why do they all start killing each other 1 hour after the 50 Christians leave?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has visitors.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's children and grand children have been called to her home.

I was told this by someone who heard it at a government office. (DMV) Quick call the NY Times.

Warren in the White House.

Wall Street is starting to believe Warren may win nomination, putting health and bank stocks at risk. Dow falls 250.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent surge has some on Wall Street predicting she will unseat former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic front-runner and they are getting clients ready for the chance she wins the presidency with investment recommendations.

Based on recent polling data, Warren’s focus on grassroots and favorability among her supporters, Wall Street is underestimating the odds of her success, according to Raymond James strategists Ed Mills and Chris Meekins.

“We believe Warren is within striking distance of winning both the nomination and White House,” Mills and Meekins wrote. “While countless external events can and will happen between now and Election Day, we believe that the market underappreciates Warren’s ability to capture the nomination and win the Presidency.”

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