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For Da Mannn

I wish..... To live and die,

Happy Thanksgiving.

When you have been set free from lefty.

onecaliberal (14,536 posts)
Our daughter has been indoctrinated by the Fauxed and Christianed family she married into.

She wants nothing to do with us. We’re evil liberals. It was the first holiday without her and our grandchildren. Has this happened to anyone else? How are you coping?

Jesus saves!

66 headlines on Drudge.

And nothing about any of the 22 Democratic candidates for President.

Thank You President Trump.

Looks like under the leadership of our President the nation has come to it's senses about the black Friday shopping madness. The day after Thanksgiving is for family and prayer.

Thank you Mr. President.

Epoch Times news paper attacked.

It begins.

Conservative Hong Kong news paper press room attacked.

Hunter Biden on the board of Amtrack.

Hunter Biden pointed to his previous seat on the Amtrak board of directors as justification for his position with a Ukrainian gas company — but that argument is reportedly very thin.

Biden’s only qualification for joining Amtrak was that he was a frequent passenger on trains, according to remarks made at the time in the Senate Commerce Committee.

How and why was Hunter Biden on the board of Amtrack?

Bring on the Senate trial!

The republicans control the Senate. We can use the same rules the democrats are using now. Have the deep state witnesses come in to the Senate hearings after they have been charged with the Russian gate coup. Let's see who sings to save their skin. The greatest TV ratings of all time and the democrats are the ones who started it.

Nobody knows how to manipulate the news media better than our President. Using the democrats own plan to bring them down.

Definition of presume.

1 : to undertake without leave or clear justification.
2 : to expect or assume especially with confidence.
3 : to suppose to be true without proof.

Most of Sodland's testimony today.

The body language ghost.

Jordan V Taylor

Do you live in California?

A bunch of new laws in California on housing. AB 881 and SB 330.

There is no more R1 (1 lot / 1home) zoning in California. The state and not the city or county is in control of the zoning. If you have a single family home (R1) you can make it into a triplex and your city or HOA can't stop it. If you own a two unit property (R2) you can now make it into a 4 unit. You can now build up to 3 feet of the sidewalk and you don't need to have any extra parking if you live less that a half mile from a bus stop.
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