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Gender: Male
Home country: Kazakhstan
Current location: Almaty
Member since: Wed Sep 9, 2015, 06:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,427

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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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TrumpThoughts have passed throught the Overton Window. Thats why leftwingers are so scared.

Its a new America.

Lol. Establishment Republicans and average Democrats are essentially the same thing.

Republican donors, operative fueling new anti-Trump ad blitz

Now this kid will grow up ok.....

"We've only had Whole Foods for a month and already we don't need cops".

Laquan McDonald: His community let him down years before he ever met Van Dyke.

His behavior, while not excusable in a civil society, is at least understandable (even if inevitable).

Poor kid.

Another isolated incident? This almost never happens!

Woman lied about being raped after performing sex act on fiancé’s boss days before wedding

Just days before she was due to marry 28-year-old Chris Hutchings, Sophie Tucker, 23, invited his boss, Carl Williamson, 51, to her home after sending him a string of messages and naked selfies on Facebook.

As soon as he arrived, she threw him on the sofa and began performing a sex act.

When Mr Williamson bumped into his employee as he left the home, Tucker told her fiancé she’d been raped.

In light of the many accusations made by liberals on this site re: some imagined affiliations

between myself and "stormfront" and "the kkk" and whatever other narrative hijacks and attempts to silence facts....

I give you the tweet DTrump should have sent out...are these hatefacts racist even though they are real?

Jeb Bush this AM looked like a huge crybaby on CNN. Boo hoo! Trumps a meany! Loser.

Crony capitalist loser.

PSA: DO NOT advance on police while waving a knife and babbling incoherantly.

It will never end well. An acquittal is certain for sure. Meets all POST standards.

WTH is going on in our most dangerous communities? Lack of common sense education?
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