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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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Next steps: 1. FEC and FBI tear apart the DNC leadership. 2. Stop early voting. 3. Paper ballots


4. Begin deportations in 1st 100 days.

5. Stop all Muslim infiltration.


what else guys?

(Americans only pls)

SO proud of normal Americans on this HEXIT day! Always dankest before the dong!!!

When a Dem talks, ignore them. 1st Circuit ruled ballot selfie bans unconstitutional in September.

Obama won FL by 73,000 votes in 2012. So far, Hillary behind by 60K IN TWO COUNTIES

Based upon early votes, Hillary will have to win Palm Beach County Election Day by 40,000 votes just to match Obama's 2012 win there.


Reuters publishes the collapse of Clinton (-9% in 2 days), then yanks the poll. Hahahahahahaha

First they showed this:

Now this:

Based on turnout and private exits, I'm revising prediction to Trump winning popular by 8%.

Flame away.

Next steps are having Justice and the FEC dismantle the DNC Crime Enterprise and never ever deal with this bullshit ever again.

She couldn't half fill a FREE JayZ concert.....

Overheard: Two Dems talking about fleeing the country after tomorrow. WHY do they always

say they are going to Canada and not Mexico?!

Pretty sure we all know why.

2012, RCP had polls 3 pts apart, now its 11. The only people who believe this are the 24 little

old ladies they got to answer the phone to take em.

Trump has had a 6% national lead by using 2012 methodology, been that way for weeks.

Good luck and keep your head down, getting on a plane!

Latest FOX poll has Hillary winning 24% of likely conservative voters. Sure!!

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