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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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Sanders folks, consider Trump. This election should be a forest fire, where the old gives rise to

the new.

Its harder and harder to miss that the establishment Dem and Repub investor class is vested in maintaining the status quo because they profit in preserving it.

But as nature shows us over and over, entropy is the god of everything (yes, even the horrible Boomers and their "net worth").

Consider if we join forces to burn out the rotten and degenerate undergrowth and dysfunction, anything that replaces it is exponentially better than this bullshit we witness now.

Dems want open borders, drugs, and crime in our communities. They want to import replacements

for black workers who need those jobs and don't need downward wage pressure...and they can't understand the trans-racial, cross-party appeal of Trump...

Cause and effect.

With a massive Trump sweep tomorrow, and Hillary in legal quicksand, a new Renaissance approaches.

It's going to be a tough adjustment for the freaks and geeks as we align quickly towards healthy human growth and some of those newly disenfranchised may act out.

Just remember that they are old, very weak, and spindly; while they can't actually hurt you, they could apply a bit of mechanical leverage when they swing their purses and man-satchels. If assaulted, just get in tight and carry some rubber bands for the wait until the police come.

You wont need those bands for restraints, all you need to do is just snap them on the arm like in grade school and they will immediately fall to the ground and wail about how you have violated civil rights. Make sure it's all on video and it'll be all downhill from there!

Slugger Marco Rubio hit Donald Trump so damn hard that by the time he wakes up again he'll be Pres!

If "short fingers" is all you have, then we are going to drive dems back into the caves whence they


It's finally starting to feel like America can be great again.

Bernie Claus!

Why do idiots point to COSTCO as the anti-Walmart? COSCTO actively excludes broke customers.

Simple EBT use stats tell this story.

COSTCO actively excludes the poor with annual membership fees, eschews discount brands, buys in un-storable quantities, and pays a slight bit more in wages for wait for it....EMPLOYEES THAT CAN RELATE TO THEIR SHOPPING DEMOGRAPHIC.

Anti-Walmart simpletons (and we never shop there BTW, too many window lickers through those doors) equate them together and advocate for the one component that fits their uneducated agenda of higher wages.

It's becoming harder to share the planet with idiots who can't observe the world around them and comprehend consequences.

With the rise of the Goldman Sachs candidate, is the Democrat Party breaking apart?

Her popularity with the undereducated (see yesterdays SC primary performance) is undisputable and we see blue collar whites flocking to Trump and the Republicans as the Democrats become the party for minorities.

Can they survive?

He's right you know...

Pretty sure Trump is the real Republican and neocons are flocking home to the Dem party from where

they came.

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