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Gender: Male
Home country: Kazakhstan
Current location: Almaty
Member since: Wed Sep 9, 2015, 07:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,427

About Me

It's OK, I don't like me either.

Journal Archives

A snapshot of gender bias. Equality NOW!

Liberal logic in the perfect cartoon!

European liberals kinda deserve what they get no?

Watch some wonderful specimens of the nu-male movement squirm!

Watch Donald Trump execute a beautiful soul-kill on Wolf Blitzer.....

Bernie has a bad ass Audi R8! Thought he was a socialist or whatever?

53% of Democrats should be allowed to live freely among us according to this poll. (2nd question)

Who doesn't want a selfie with a hijacker?

This guy’s photo with the EgyptAir hijacker is a new low for Millennials

The lesson of Brussels is clear. If we don't want our own peaceful Muslims blowing up airports

we must rein in Trump's divisive rhetoric.

New CBO numbers showing Obamacare has REDUCED the number of insured.

In other words, it would appear that a net 9 million people have lost their private health plans, thanks to Obamacare—with a net 5 million people having lost employer-based plans and a net 4 million people having lost individually purchased plans
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