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Gender: Male
Home country: Kazakhstan
Current location: Almaty
Member since: Wed Sep 9, 2015, 06:45 PM
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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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Maternity leave should be deducted from the vaction time of non-child bearing employees.

Feminists teach us that its "Men and their victims" or "Women and their abusers" but those conven-

tions fly right out the window when discussing transgender co-mingling.

Sounds legit!

Dear Democrats: You could have...should have... run Joe Biden. You would have won.

Will black Americans line up behind a Trump economic policy of building a wall? Oh yeah.

Normal Americans should think of Democrats as a hunk of moldy cheese.

For now, the desire to slice off the rotten or moldy part to salvage the rest is going to have to hold our spirits over.

This is hard work!

The simple reason ObamaPolicies were always going to fail....

See, if we frame Western values as a particular historical heritage, people might develop PRIDE in that heritage, which is borderline racism.

Who wants to be a racist?

If you are raising little cube drones or "nice guys"...spanking doesn't work!

More nature vs. nurture left wing bullshit.

Traits are heritable, the science has been decoded and settled.


50-Year Study Finds Spanking Doesn’t Work
April 27, 2016 12:00 AM By Adrienne Moore

Target installing urinals in womens restrooms. You know, to be all "inclusivey"!


Trump has more support from AFL-CIO members..... than Hillary and Bernie COMBINED! Losers!

When the choice is Trump or Hillary, its gonna be a bloodbath!!

How did they think corruption could win?

Working America, the political organizing arm of AFL-CIO, wanted to find out whether Trump’s “rightwing” message appealed to workers outside Cleveland and Pittsburgh. After interviewing about 1,689 working-class Americans living in households earning less than $75,000, they found out that Trump was in fact the favored candidate. Of the 800 voters who had decided on a candidate at the time of the interview, about 300 favored Trump. Combined, the two Democratic candidates appealed to fewer workers – 174 chose Clinton and 95 chose Sanders.
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