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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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Dem lawlessness in the Clinton investigation helps me understand how they started the Civil War over

slavery, they wanted power over those slaves and the North.....power over everything, some weird plausible deniability that they are "helping people".

At least the Republicans are only greedy, not greedy authoritarian assholes on a power trip.

Inspiring: This Progressive Bully Torments Transgender Students Using Their Preferred Pronoun

Transgender teens often have trouble feeling accepted at school, even if they don’t face outright discrimination. That’s why it’s so uplifting to hear about Thomas Watkins, a 16-year-old bully who respects the gender identity of every student he torments. Whether a kid goes by “he,” “she,” or a non-binary pronoun like “they” or “ze,” Thomas calls them by their preferred term and mistreats them just as he would any of his cisgender victims.

Thomas doesn’t care what’s on your birth certificate—only what’s in your heart. If a student identities as male, he’ll call them a wimp-ass momma’s boy while knocking their head against a locker. If they identify as female, he’ll gladly call them a fucking bitch while holding them in a headlock and spitting down the back of their shirt. In a time when we hear about conservative lawmakers banning kids from bathrooms, it’s heartwarming to know that Thomas will ambush his victims and give them a swirly no matter which bathroom they enter. Beautiful!

Someday, the whole world will accept transgender individuals for who they truly are, but in the meantime, we can count on role models like Thomas. Whether he’s forcing teens of all gender identities to eat bugs during recess, smearing dog shit on their bicycle seats, or publicly calling them fat sluts on their Facebook walls, he is a true ally of LGBT rights. Let’s hope that more bullies follow this outstanding young man’s lead!

Cpl. Klinger is NEVER getting out of the damned Army now!!!!

In nature, organisms that consume more than they generate crash within a half generation.

Weird huh.

Nobody seems to be for Donald Trump except actual voters when voting.

See, and we say there are no DU posts worth reading.

This one is. They are starting to get it! Lets give them a chance to make the natural progression with no interference.

How low should the Average American Income be?
With this board's apparent and sudden accepting of fiscal conservativism and Classical Liberalism, the meme of the month is that we're not really the progressives we say we are unless we embrace job offshoring; unless we accept that automation is going to gobble up jobs and leave millions with no means of earning money. We should accept the coming worthlessness of our degrees; we're nothing but a dime-a-dozen in the world's eyes. We're "not needed" to be part of a consumer economy (search me how one makes THAT leap, but . . . OK . . . ). We'll, plain and simple, no matter what degree of education we have and no matter how much money it takes to go to college, have to "work even HARDER" and for less money if you want to be a true team player.

I WANT my M*&^ig privilege!!

Nigel Farage is the best thing to come out of Britain since we did!

Without straight people, there would BE no LGBT folks! Stay woke fam!

Bernie not conceeding will be the smartest political move in modernity. Hell, he has my vote.

Break EVERYTHING and start over.
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