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Home country: Kazakhstan
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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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The subconcious makes 80% of your choices and here is why Hillary simply can't overcome to win:

Make America Great Again! = All of us, pulling together; it's aspirational and appeals equally to all.

I'm With Her! =Ego driven, self-directed, requires blind loyalty.

Obama was "Yes we can".. WHY she is running a 1992 campaign destined to lose and unwilling to learn even recent lessons from Obama?

Makes me think she might be having some (medical) cognitive issues.

Hey, just a reminder while you all wring out your emotions and beat your chests:

The Dem new-found love of service has magically removed the spit from all those Viet. vets' uniforms

No, actually we see the craven opportunists you really are.

Is there any reason to hire a Democrat??

Understanding their belief system, AND
- being able to empirically observe the behavior of the constituent groups they embody, AND
- understanding that political affiliation is not a "protected" class and perfectly legal as a selection criteria,

if you were hiring for any position and had any kind of fiduciary responsibility, is it reasonable to hire a Democrat for anything but closely supervised manual labor?

The old school hard working types died with Kennedy, what possible value could the current crop bring to a business?

Asking for a friend.

How many Bernie evangelicals will vote for a nasty old MeeMaw?

Next WIkileaks dump prolly Monday. Let this bounce poll get flushed out Sat/Sun then drop hammer.

By the time the results bubble up around Wed, it won't matter. I think what you all will quickly recognize is that Bernie quitting the Dems today or yesterday was a distancing move, not a hissy fit. Preserving his shot.

Enjoy tonight! Try and preserve this feeling and resist the urge to isolate yourself!

Good news is that Obama has to spend 24/7 trying to save Hillary; can't focus on more weirdo policy.

Trump destroying so many sacred cows, makes you wonder who is now progressive?

I say make way for the new Progressive movement!!!

The internet and science are disruptive technologies to Democrats that need faith to survive.

The last 10 years has seen the Christian Right lose major sway, and this decade will look the same for the Dem religion as well.

The more we flatline knowledge, increase access to archival data, and decode the genome of individuals, they lose the capacity to duck, weave, duck, dodge, and dive the simple reproducible experiences that humanity utilize to discern risk and survival.

I'm kinda proud to be alive in this time!

Data don't lie!

Democrats, listen close... I can help you understand.

Russia isn't going to do anything worse to us than the Democrats already have. You gotta grow up; see past your bias.

Watch the mangled wreckage gracing the Dem Convention stage and what THAT signals to the world. America has become a failed utopian joke around the world.

Russia isn't our enemy any more than China is. We LET them take advantage of us.

Anyone who has actually dealt with any type of conflict knows it, and your fear is guiding you to your own slavery to it and others.

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