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It's OK, I don't like me either.

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So I have seen 3 different internal polls. 50% Trump, 15% Clinton, 35% Third Party.

Watching the media, that has clearly sunk in. This last ditch full court press looks and smells like an extinction burst.

At least the John McCain, Tom Clancy novel, Corvettes, and Jesus Republicans had the smarts to just slink around and get in line. I'll give 'em that.

Soooo frustrating for the Dems and media to not understand what's happening to them.

(Hint: you can't tell folks to vote their interest and then get psycho when they listen)

1st Circuit rules ballot selfie bans are unconstitutional! My my! Goodwords wins again I guess.

Get out the vote, show everyone, and maybe win some cash!!!!

{Funny how Democrats can't even identify the field of play they operate in yet they still try and compete.}

Remember when I told you about this???

An now, just at the right time, this:

The 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled (PDF) there was no compelling government need to restrict First Amendment rights and ban voters from disseminating pictures of their ballots or of themselves posed with their ballots. State lawmakers, when approving the law that carries a $1,000 fine, had maintained in 2014 that the statute was needed to combat voter fraud—like having people coerced into voting a certain way and then having to prove it via social media or by some other means, for example.

Trump landed the only blow he cared about. (You Dems seriously need to start thinking for yourselves

He wants white Bernie voters:

Trump is channeling the enthusiastic advocate of blue collar interests while Hillary stays meek.

Trump is MAD about what the devastating Clinton-Bush-Obama Triad did to normal Americans and it will play.

I read DU and they assume status quo is helpful for desperate people sold into slavery for wages and college loans. Not smart.

This is over. Switching to Big Bang Theory. She never should have showed up.

Women don't fight close in like this. They fight via White Knights and surrogates. No mechansim to fight back.

I don't want to watch a mugging so Sheldon Cooper here I come!

One role of the father is to represent reality and its constant demands, to help children practice

meeting them while still young.

The one who wins will be the one who brings good emotions. Never matters what is said.

Have you signed up to be a poll watcher yet? At last nights meeting there had to be 200 people

there to watch 4 polling stations!!! All committed and confirmed.

All wearing the same "deplorables" Pepe t-shirt. Should be a hoot!

This will be the last election where Boomers have any influence as a block. Hope they stay sane

and reasonable.
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