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Name: Rebeca D
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DUmmies: "Are we this weak"?

Yes, you ARE that weak!

Do these idiots really believe that the universe revolves around THEM?


Bottom line: This is a disaster for Democrats

DUmmies are going nuts........... better alert all available Suicide Prevention Hot Lines!

"No collusion found by any member of the Trump campaign"


Romania follows our President's lead and moves it's emabassy to Jerusalem


Joe diGenovas Christine Ford & PGA Golfers Comment Causes Confusion

Please.... am I the only one here trying to connect the dots?

Bob Beckel's ex-wife (Leland Ingham Keyser) is........ wait for it........ a professional golfer!

Leland Ingham Keyser was named by Dr. Ford as the third person at her drunken party...


Chrissie Halsey Ford's "life-long friend" is

Bob Beckel's ex-wife?

The Bob Beckel who served as Fox News Channel's "token" liberal on many of their programs? Who was allegedly fired twice for alcohol and drug abuse?

The alleged third person at the infamous drunken party where the poor Dr. Ford was taken advantage of? And who denied even knowing Judge Kavanaugh OR being at any such party...?

WTF ?????

I have just two words for foolish lefty

Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

(with a few more to come)


The Manafort jury may make this verdict intersting

Can you say... "hung jury"?

"Fox News and the GOP are both being affected by this demographic trend"

Three years later and LMPV couldn't be more wrong! Both the GOP and FNC are still going strong.

What will the delusional left-wing fanatics come up with to place blame on their upcoming midterm losses?


This is why I'm proud to be a big fan of American baseball

Anyone watching the World Series?

During the 7th inning stretch, a local first responder (fire... police... whatever...) sang "God Bless America" and every person, players and fans, displayed complete reverence for the words and timely meaning.

Do you think those blasphemous turds over at the NFL could ever step up and show their appreciation for the good life that's been afforded to them in this country?

I seriously doubt it....
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