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Name: Rebeca D
Gender: Female
Hometown: New York
Member since: Thu Oct 22, 2015, 10:47 PM
Number of posts: 416

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Israelis just LOVE their bulldozers!

Shades of Rachel Corrie?

Milwaukee's gonna be a fun place to watch this coming July

from 750 miles away

More proof that the criminal left are conducting a mind control in our schools

It's almost scary. Listen to the Towson University "professor" near the end of the clip who condones such despicable activity


This exemplifies exactly how the treasonous members of the Democratic Party truly are

And, yes, I blame the GOP for not having the testicular fortitude to vigorously prosecute these asswipes

Dirty Harry Reid advocating out-and-out lies in briefings to nominated candidates for the office of United States President.

That "man" should be taken out and publicly hung.

Dammmit! Doesn't Trump know that this is ruining his reelection chances?

Oh.... wait.... maybe not

We don't care if you're white... we don't care if you're black...

rapidly becoming my favorite tune

U S A !!!

Is THIS the best the Dimocrats have to offer?

This fraud is so hilarious!!!

Chuckie Schumer back when he was trying to climb the slippery Democrat ladder

Happy 72nd birthday, Hil LIAR ry!!!

Hopefully, soon to be in jail.

Ya gotta give him credit... He's not afraid to tell the truth!

Hey Dems... just for your info... It's fun to be a winner!

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