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Dershowitz's presentation

The Dershowitz stuff starts at approximately the 1:20 timestamp.

The scariest thing is

we have people in this country that think abuse of power is not impeachable.

This video presents clearly why there is an impeachment going on

There was concern that aid to Ukraine would fall into hands of Russian spies

Things are not always as simple as political talking points would have you believe.

What about the timeline?

Of course Trump is going to say he didn't want any quid pro quo AFTER the whistle blower called attention to it.

Poetic Justice

Stop complaining. Republicans wrote the rules on closed- door hearings.

After being caught in a lie Lewandowski said he wasn't obligated to tell the truth

What's that all about?


At the G7 Trump said the annexation of Crimea "could have been stopped with the right whatever". I don't speak Trump so I'm a little confused. Does anyone here know what that means- "the right whatever" in respect to stopping the annexation of Crimea by Russia?

Like her or not, AOC got a good one in on Moscow Mitch
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