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One less Dem Presidential candidate today

MS/NBC and CNN's favorite Presidential candidate, Michael Avenatti (D) was just convicted of Extortion of Nike on all counts. Other trials on fraud and outright theft to follow.

Looks like he won't be available for interviews by Anderson Cooper, and Co. for a few decades now.

Steyer and Yang drop out

Just heard that both of them dropped out, as if they were ever seriously in.

I'm guessin' Fauxahontas to follow anon.

I thought Biden told those West Virginia coal miners that; ""anyone can learn to code"?

Apparently not so much, at least not when they have Hildabeasts Campaign manager Mook as their supervisor.

Well, at least the Republican Caucuses all had the same problem. Oh, wait, they didn't? Never mind.

Factoid: 2/3 of Presidents impeached were impeached for embarrassing Hillary

The rumor that Andrew Johnson dumped her at the senior prom, for trying to make him put out is as yet unproven.

"Good Guys?", "Bad Guys?"; here's the final answer

Former Baltimore Mayor (D) pleads guilty

One day after she was indicted on 11 federal criminal charges, former Baltimore Mayor Democrat Catherine Pugh pleaded guilty to four counts of conspiracy and tax evasion as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

Must have had her dead to rights for her to roll over like that.

Not to be confused with the Baltimore Mayor that allowed rioters to loot and burn the city

Yes, she said it. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) stood before the news cameras over the weekend and really did say, “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.”

Kamala closes New Hampshire offices

Closing Nashua, Keene and Portsmouth. Looks like she's finally figured out that 3% isn't a winning hand.

I'd comment on spending more than she was taking in, but that's a Democrat key value and career enhancement.

Still working Iowa ... for now, hoping to score enough votes for a cabinet seat in an imaginary cabinet.

For all the recent Mitt Fan Bois

Just a reminder for all of the Lefty's worshipping at the Mitt/McCain shrine last week, Mitt supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partner benefits.

So in practice you hate Trump more than you care about LGBT Americans I guess.

Good thing Bernie didn't have to wait for a National Health Service approval for his cardiac stents

Felt bad in the morning, was in surgery that afternoon and will be recovering for the next week or two.

With the National Health Service model the Dems are proposing, he might have had to wait in line for an approval, or as Obama told one woman who asked about her aging mother getting treatment, "Just take a pill and wait".

Is it just my warped sense of humor? Yeah, probably.

I'm really enjoying listening to the Democrat Clown Car occupants, like Beto, that are polling in low single digits, on their media soap box preaching about; "When I am President, I shall (fill in the blank)".

As ... fucking ... if!

Beto and Kamala have both sworn to ban, by Executive Order, all standard size magazines and all so called assault weapons. Bernie's "promises", on what he's willing to do to with Executive Orders to deal with "Climate Change", as he flies first class or private jets, are equally fun to think about.

Somebody needs to break the news to them that the closest any of them will get to any "Executive Order" is delivering a few "Ham on Rye with Swiss and a bag of chips" to a local business.
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