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Mueller's not looking for Russkies, he's doing 2020 Oppo Research

It had to be obvious to Mueller and his band of Hillary supporters, that he was never going to find any real evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, beyond some ineffective Facebook ads.

It's not a coincidence that Mueller releases some minor tidbit, about a Trump associate when Trump is doing some high profile thing like the G20 conference. Anything to demean him.

By 2020 no one will remember that it had nothing to do with Trump or the 2016 election, just that some guy ... that was tangentially associated with Trump .... did something bad ... sometime.

A Real Estate Tax fraud from 20 years before he even met Trump? Just one more example of Trump's "poor judgement". Pretty much like Lefty does here on DI; stupid, ill informed, emotionally driven by ignorance.

The result will be taxpayer funded, gift wrapped opposition research in 2019 on every even vaguely questionable relationship Trump may have ever had in business over decades.

Hell, they're flipping out and giving it 24/7 coverage over just the idea that he might have even considered putting up a building in Moscow.

Chicago: "Powerful Dem alderman Burke offices raided by FBI"

Brown paper on all the windows! Nice touch.

Burke, who's wife Anne is on the Illinois Supreme Court and brother just left his seat in the House has been "untouchable" for decades. His wife as a judge has for years and, totally "coincidentally" I'm sure, seen to it that the Inspector General and AG can't touch hubby's businesses.

Going to be interesting to see what finally got him in hot water, how far it goes and whether he tosses anyone else under the bus.

Illinois Democrat threatens GOP Rep and family with deadly Liegonella disease

Another "compassionate" Democrat shows her true stripes. What gets me, is this wasn't something she mumbled in the cloak room, or whispered to an aide, she actually read it into the official record. Boy, the citizens of Oswego must be so frickin' proud of her.

"A Democratic state lawmaker said she wanted to pump a lethal “broth of Legionella” bacteria into the water system of a Republican colleague’s family.

The Illinois House (Dem Supermajority) took the rare step Wednesday of erasing from its record a Democratic legislator’s remark suggesting she’d like to infect the water supply of a GOP colleague’s loved ones with “a broth of legionella.”

Later, after the vote, Kifowit said her words were misheard, misrepresented, misinterpreted and mischaracterized.

Rep. Stephanie Kifowit (D) finally apologized for the "indelicate" comment she made about Lombard Republican Peter Breen Tuesday during floor during debate on legislation involving the deadly Legionnaire’s disease crisis at a Quincy veterans’ home. Legionella is the water-borne bacteria which, when inhaled, can cause the sometimes-fatal, flu-like malady of Legionnaire’s."

Misheard, idelicate? My ass.

She couldn't spin her way out of it with an "I was misquoted or "Taken out of context", so now the Dem run legislature is expunging her "on the record" threats. Trying to clean it up, so it's harder to use it in a campaign ad next election.

Every Senator that voted "No" on Kavanaugh lost, Manchin voted yes and won

I know there's more to their winning and losing than just that, but I think that wound up being a much bigger issue than any of them thought it would be.

Their posturing and ranting on TV created a horrific image of them as angry, intolerant and frankly stupid as far a legal and constitutional issues go.

Florida and Texas?

The Dems poured tens of millions of $$$ into trying to start to turn both states Blue with "Beta", Gillum, et. al.

Plus, our own G4A told us the Dems were definitely going to turn the whole South Blue this election cycle.

How are they doing so far?

Wow! Heitkamp loses by 20 points

I thought she was toast, but that's really bad.

Hope she enjoyed that "No" vote on Kavanaugh and it keeps her nice and warm all Winter.

"Go back to civility" - Dims say anything, GOP shut up

When the Dems and their media sycophants called G. W. Bush "Hitler" among other slurs, there was no response. Bush was way too "dignified" to even acknowledge the attacks.

How the DUmmies loved it. They realized they could say anything and the media suck ups would run with it.

Now, the Dems are longing for those "good old days" when they could say anything without fear of a question or a response.

Remember Harry Reid's imaginary friend, the one told him Romney didn't pay taxes for years?

Or Dick Gephardt's imaginary "Millionaire friend" that was begging to pay higher taxes?

The media didn't spend 2 minutes checking either story out, just print it.

Now, they have a guy in the office that has a direct pipeline to millions of voters without the media filter and won't sit still and be slapped around with their lies.

Two years and they still haven't figured out what happened. They've wasted the time looking for one excuse after another.

I'm really looking forward to next Tuesday and using a single ply paper towel to soak up the "Blue Wave".

Can we just cut to the chase on Kavanaugh and SCOTUS?

Lefty never cared about women's rights when it's one of theirs doing all the groping or heavy drinking.

The only reason lefty is really going ape shit over Kavanaugh now ... is because they have relied on SCOTUS for two decades to push all their SJW crapola that they could never get Congress to pass and signed by the President. They treated it like a "Super Legislature" with no appeal, to get what they couldn't pass.

Now, with a reliable 5-4 Conservative SCOTUS that relies on OUR Constitution and not foreign laws (no thanks Ruthie), the number of "Penumbras" and 'implied rights" are gonna be fewer and way farther between.

Be nice to have the Bill of Rights treated as the limitation on Government it was meant to be. Time to take that whole "Shall not be infringed" thing more seriously.

Seriously, how many Dems will vote for Kavanaugh if the FBI clears him?

If the FBI spends a week, or whatever, investigating and still can't find any corroborating support for an assault by Kavanaugh, does anyone actually think that even 1 of the Dims that demanded an FBI investigation will change their vote?

Flake is an idiot and is trying to carve out a lobbying job for himself at this point, trying not to piss anyone off.

Murkowski is a born follower and coward.

At some point, Trump needs to give the GOP "leadership" a transfusion of "Go Fuck Yourself" plasma.

So they stop believing Dem promises, buying "Genuine" Rolex watches off street vendors and thinking the check really is in the mail.

Here's a story that will disappear fast - CCW helps cops, shoots bad guy

Here's a Chicago area story from yesterday that won't be in the news for long.

For years the media and the gun grabbers have been telling us that legally armed citizens will shoot innocent bystanders, or the police will shoot us because they won't know who the criminal is.

Still waiting for that to actually happen, outside of their vivid imaginations.

Funny how that never seems to happen, with over 18 million CCW permits in the US now, not counting the 8 states with no permit required. 310,000+ in Illinois alone.

Not surprised that the cop missed and the CCW guy hit him. Permit holders tend to spend more time at the range then many cops do.

Cop, shot 3 times by the thug, is gonna be alright. Bad guy is where he belongs, in critical condition.
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