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Socialism defined - from a Tweet I saw today,

"Socialism is the Axe Body Spray of political ideologies: It never does what it claims to do, but people too young to know better keep buying it anyway."

Economist Thomas Sowell's response,
"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."

SCOTUS Choices - Ironic isn't it?

Many of the same people that are all wrought up over Amy Coney Barrett being a Catholic (DiFI, Durbin, Pelosi et. al.) and worried she'll make all her calls based on her faith ...

...are the same people when asked "How do you resolve being a Catholic and supporting abortion?"

They always answer; "My public policy positions are separate from my personal beliefs".

I guess that response is only good going one way.

It's gonna be a brawl ... good thing there's a brawler in the White House

Schumer was out about 30 seconds after the announcement, lying his bony ass off about; "No appointments in an election year".

No Schmucky, that was "No appointments in a Presidential election year". You and your buddy "hands" Biden made soaring speeches about it that are still on You Tube. Try again loser.

Obama had Kagan approved in a mid term year 2010, IIRC, when was Sotomayer approved?

If Bush, Romney or any "normal" GOP was in the White House, they would be perfectly willing to be hornswoggled into a deal where they'd "seriously consider" a so called "centrist", hand chosen by Schumer and Pelosi for some legislation they promise to pass ... than forget it when the time came to do it.

Hell, McCain would probably just let the Dems choose the next justice, if the media just told him they loved him on page 16.

But every time Trump tried to get anything passed, like immigration limits, Schumer and the Dems basically told him to go fuck himself. It's a great case of; "So shall ye reap as ye shall sow". Payback can be a long term bitch. Remember, the Messiah said; "Elections have consequences and I won".

Trump won't bother even listening to their whining and if they start in on the personal attack crap, a'la Clarence Thomas or Bork, on the candidate he'll smack them even harder than normal.

The again, maybe all the excitement will just be too much for RBG and she'll twist an ankle working the heavy bag at the gym and have to retire "early" too?

It's gonna be a lot of fun. I expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media, online and elsewhere.

Anybody young, conservative (and preferably a Life member of the NRA and a competitive shooter) would be just fine.

But the lefty tantrum we know is coming, will be a great introduction to the November mid-terms and provide some great advertising fodder as Pelosi, Schumer and Co. fumble their way through speeches and tirades.

Democrats have a long history of chasing people from restaurants

Its nothing new for them. Now they just pick on women and children so they don't get biatch slapped.

Ahh for the good old days, huh lefty?

You are scum.

Florida Gun Control Teens visit Chicago last week. 56 shot, 9 die this weekend.

The Florida gun control teens magically* showed up in Chicago last week, to make some media appearances and demand more gun control laws.

(*Magically - as in they don't ever seem to spend any of their own money to go anywhere and always stay in nice downtown hotels.)

For some odd reason, they and their media sycophants, only showed up in nice safe places, like just outside city hall and in a local church.

None of them found their way to march or protest gun violence in Englewood, Chatham, Pilsen or any of the other neighborhoods where the actual shootings are taking place. In fact, none of the gun control organizations protests ever seem to go into those neighborhoods? Wonder why?

But the Chicago gang members sure took their message to heart. From Friday at 6 PM to Midnight Sunday, 56 people were shot and 9 died. 17 of them shot in less than 2 hours on Friday night. That doesn't include the 8 armed carjackings where no shots were fired.

But by heaven, they'll make sure those guys target shooting downstate in Bonfield can't own scary looking rifles and call it a big win if they do.

It's all Indiana's fault anyway, right? That's why they have such a murder problem too.

New DoJ FBI Report on "Active Shooter Incidents in the US 2016 - 2017"

I haven't seen this posted yet. If I missed it I'll close the thread.

This report, combined with that mysteriously hidden 2013 CDC Study on Gun Violence that Obama ordered, then made quietly disappear from the media on a Friday afternoon, should make both Bloomberg's and Shannon Watt's bald spots sweat.

Oh, you thought the CDC was banned from doing any gun related research by the evil NRA? Yeah, that's not even close to true. It's what us deplorable folks in fly over country call ... a friggin' lie. You can look up the 2013 CDC study that President Obama ordered ... then buried when the actual results came in. Among other things it showed an average of 2 million defensive gun uses by citizens every year. Can't have "ordinary people" finding out they actually can protect themselves and family.

The new study, just out last week, is a US DoJ FBI report on "Active Shooter Incidents in the US 2016 - 2017". It's an easy Executive Summary style read, with 18 pages of charts and graphs, including details on each shooting, location and shooter summarized, along with how it was ended. If you want to be better informed take a look.

Noteworthy is the fact that there were a total of 50 Active Shooter incidents in 2 years. Not the "One every week" the media and gun control groups are claiming. But hey, they're "just the FBI", what would they know about crime compared to a New York Times or HuffPo Op Ed, right?

In 10 of the 50 Incidents, armed citizens confronted the Active Shooter and in 8 cases "safely and successfully acted to end the shooting". In the other 2 cases the armed citizen was wounded and in the other the criminal ran away when confronted by armed resistance. The FBI summarized citizen involvement by saying; "Their selfless actions likely saved many lives".

Take a few minutes, if you're at all interested in actual facts from a credible source, and go through it. Then you can look up that mysterious, hidden 2013 CDC study when you have time.

Another company fires Dick's Sporting Goods

Mossberg announced today that they also would no longer sell their shotguns, rifles or accessories through Dick's.

That's another big chunk of their remaining firearm stock base.

But after all, as we've been told by the gun grabbers here, the firearms are "only" 10% of their revenue.

Any retailer with typically razor thin margins, can piss away 10% of their revenue and a big chunk of their customer base with no big impact on their share value, dividends and cash flow, right?

Could be some interesting board meetings in the next few months.

Democrat politicians, Hollywood, Pro Athletes, lead by example on gun control!

If you want to be taken seriously, lead by example, insist publicly that you are no longer be protected by armed guards, including Secret Service.

After all, you made it clear you won't even consider or discuss armed security for our schools and the best way to prove how serious you are, is to disavow any armed security for yourselves to set an example.

No more bullet headed guys with clear ear pieces, heads on a swivel, at every Hollywood awards show, no more armored up Suburbans with tinted windows leaving the arenas and stadiums late at night.

After all why should any of you be any safer than a single mother riding public transportation to her second job at night?

Jan Shakowsky and Maxine Waters skip SOTU, Steve Willeford will attend

Maxine is doing a "rebuttal" on BET and Shakowsky is bragging about skipping it. (Probably making sure her husband isn't committing wire fraud again.)

While the lefty whiners will go off and pout, the NRA Instructor Steve Willeford, who killed the Texas church shooter, will be attending the SOTU address.

Nothing yet as to who's guest he will be. Be nice to see him next to Melania or "Mad Dog" though.

Chicago citizens match cops in shooting bad guys

Remember how lefty told us, 50 times for each state that passed it, that it would be like the "Wild West" if we allowed law abiding citizens to carry concealed?

Turns out they were "sort of" right about that Wild West thing, ... except instead of the promised shootings over parking spaces, the law abiding carriers are racking up a score like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson on a good day.

From and 12-23:

"If you go to the HeyJackass page, you'll see that Concealed Carriers have justifiably shot 20 criminals this year (11 dead, 9 wounded).

Chicago Police have shot 22 criminals (11 dead and 11 wounded).

We could literally see more CCL shootings than police shootings in 2017, and we can't even express how happy that makes us. Up yours Rahm"

Update as of 12-26:

"Definitely self defense: Around 6:15 p.m. Sunday, a 31-year-old man was leaving a store in the 1200 block of South Jefferson Street when he was confronted by a 34-year-old man who pulled out a weapon and demanded his belongings, police said. Once the robber swiped the property, the 31-year-old victim pulled out a gun and fired shots, hitting the would-be robber in the chest.

The 34-year-old was rushed to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. As of Sunday night, he was being held in police custody pending criminal charges. (The criminal has since assumed room temperature

(Typical media crap, the Tribune doesn't allow comments on lawful self defense stories. Too much cheering from the crowd for their tastes I guess?)

This would put Concealed Carriers only one single shooting behind the Chicago Police Department, with a week left in the year. That should be a national headline. And we can only imagine the Maalox being chugged on the 5th floors of City Hall and Police HQ."
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