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And now ... Garrison Keillor, another "D" Icon, goes under the bus

Apparently his avuncular, "aw shucks" personae was just another act.

It seems he was very "handy" with some of his staff and guests when he was running the show.

MPR dumped him and all his companies, effective immediately.

Also the end of A Prairie Home Companion on the air as well.

Guessing his GOP and Trump bashing newspaper columns will also disappear.

Texas shooter is an NRA member?

Not that asshole murderer, but Williford (sp?) the guy who shot him twice, is an NRA Member and and Certified Instructor. I heard an report today on the radio, when I was only half awake, that said that Williford was an NRA member.

In the interview Williford said he heard the shooting and got his AR and grabbed some ammo.

When the asshole saw him he started shooting at him with a handgun. Mr. Williford took cover behind the engine block of a pick up truck and got into a fire fight with the guy, aiming for the gap in what he thought was body armor. He hit him once in the leg and once in the gut, according to the coroner's report. Good shooting under fire and stress for anybody.

Anybody see any further news? I'm sure, if it's true, the media will want to make that item disappear as fast as possible. So, if there's anything in print we should try and save it.
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