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What's Trumps EDC Gun? Information? Wild guesses?

I've read that he has had a rare NYC permit to carry for a while.

I'm sure the Secret Service made him put it in the drawer for now.

But I never saw anything on what his carry piece/pieces are.

Does NYC require that a permit be attached to a specific gun, or is good for any carry piece?

My guess would be a nice 3 or 4 inch Kimber or a Baer or Wilson Combat custom in .45 ACP.

Maybe a 637 or 640 J-Frame for less formal occasions?

Soooo, is tomorrow supposed to be "A Day Without a Woman" online too?

Or just in schools, stores, emergency rooms, free clinics, etc.

Just wondered if the whole awareness-protest thing extended to online threads too?

Might make it a much quieter but more logical and productive day around here.
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