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OK, can somebody please explain the convoluted "logic" that makes the National Anthem "racist"?

Over the past week or so, I suddenly start hearing that the National Anthem is a "racist song".

But not why some people are saying that. Maybe I missed the big reveal about Francis Scott Key being a big time slave importer, Klan leader or whatever.

How did this become a thing?

Another gun owner who didn't get the memo that you can't beat the bad guy who has a gun out. . .

We've been assured by the gun control "fans" here and on DU that a concealed carry permit is useless, since the criminal will already have their gun out and they'll just shoot you.

All this in a Chicago suburb, no less. Rahm probably stayed up late last night, trying to find something to indict this citizen for. But this one is all on video, but I'm betting the public will never see it.

"A customer caught in the middle of an armed robbery took matters into his own hands and shot the suspect."

It happened Wednesday night in the south suburbs where robbers have been targeting auto parts stores. “It just happened to be a concealed carry permit holder that encountered the bad guy,” said Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins Jr.

Collins says that when an armed robber fled from an Advance Auto Parts store around 8 p.m. Wednesday night, it wasn't the Dolton police who took him down. It was a local resident with a concealed carry permit and a gun.

When the masked robber entered the store and started shooting, two employees had locked themselves in the washroom and called 911. The suspect apparently realized police were on the way, and headed outside.

“When the suspect ran out, he had the gun in his hand, he was running in the direction of a customer. The customer, who has a valid concealed carry permit, pulled his weapon and shot him in the abdomen,” Collins said.

It's been over 24 hours now and we still don't have the requisite Kindergarten graduation picture of the poor armed robber yet.

Apply background checks for gun purchases to voting

"Republicans worry about vote fraud. Democrats claim that Republicans are just imagining things. But in testimony Tuesday before the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, I will suggest a simple solution that could make both parties happy: Apply the background check system for gun purchases to voting.

Democrats have long lauded background checks on gun purchases as simple, accurate and in complete harmony with the Second Amendment right to own guns. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has bragged that the checks “make our communities and neighborhoods safer without in any way abridging rights or threatening a legitimate part of the American heritage.”

If Democrats really believe that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System doesn’t interfere “in any way” with people’s constitutional rights to own a gun, doesn't it follow that the same system would not constitute an infringement on people’s right to vote? This would give Republicans a system for stopping vote fraud and Democrats a system that they have already vigorously endorsed.

The NICS system doesn't just determine if potential gun buyers have criminal histories. It also checks whether a person is in this country illegally, has a nonimmigrant visa or has renounced his citizenship. Such people are not allowed to vote. The system doesn’t currently flag people who are on immigrant visas but who could be added to the system."

First weasel, American or Canadian, to say something truly stupid and Hoytlike, like; "No one was ever killed by a vote..." gets a free trip tomorrow to beautiful Venezuela where they voted in a socialist, people are starving to death and they have no toilet paper.

Police: Taco Bell Employees Fatally Shoot Armed Robber (Cleveland)

Two armed robbers robbing a local Cleveland Taco Bell made a very, very bad life choice and got an unpleasant and loud surprise.

Three armed employees drew and shot back when two armed robbers came in.

Turns out the employees were better shots; final score employees : 1 dead another, on the run for now.

Robbers nothing.

The comments are worth reading to cheer you up.

So ... where are all the Dems in Texas?

I haven't seen any of the "leadership" or even the back benchers of the Dems, at any of the Hurricane sites, not even one.

Maybe I missed it?

But I'm pretty sure the MSM would have covered any of them like a blanket, to show us all how "compassionate" they are, at least when using other people's money.

According to our resident DI prognosticator, the Dems will; "win it all in 2018 and 2020 by winning the South".

Here's their big chance to show how good they are at pitching in, for those flyover folks they need in the next round of elections.

So ... where are they?

Are they too busy pulling down statues and organizing resistance riots?

I figured we'd at least see Pelosi and Hillary handing out water bottles and free Botox. Both of whom could write a check for a million out of their own pocket too ... if they wanted to. Hell, Hillary is charging $125 for a seat at her book signings.

Or maybe Dem Superstars Kamala Harris and Princess Fauxahontas setting up cots for the displaced families.

They all seem to be home whining to anyone dumb enough to listen, about Melania's shoes, Trumps $ Million contribution, climate change, and other Monday morning quarterbacking.

Easier to critique then get off their fat ass and do something.

A modest proposal for Texas Confederate monuments

To make everyone happy, how about we take all the Confederate monuments and modify them for more "contemporary" times and tastes.

First, we grind off the wide brimmed uniform hats most of the monuments have. We replace them all with "Gimmee" ball caps that say "Cat" or "John Deere" on them.

Second, we add a marble Bass Boat with a 200 Horse Evinrude on the back to every statue, maybe a a Bass Pro Shop catalog on the seat too.

Finally, we take down the Rebel related plaque and replace it with an homage to "Bubba with a Bass Boat" that saved so damn many people of every race and their pets this past week. Their own time, boat and gas to help others, with zero government input.

That deserves a statue or two.
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