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"Go back to civility" - Dims say anything, GOP shut up

When the Dems and their media sycophants called G. W. Bush "Hitler" among other slurs, there was no response. Bush was way too "dignified" to even acknowledge the attacks.

How the DUmmies loved it. They realized they could say anything and the media suck ups would run with it.

Now, the Dems are longing for those "good old days" when they could say anything without fear of a question or a response.

Remember Harry Reid's imaginary friend, the one told him Romney didn't pay taxes for years?

Or Dick Gephardt's imaginary "Millionaire friend" that was begging to pay higher taxes?

The media didn't spend 2 minutes checking either story out, just print it.

Now, they have a guy in the office that has a direct pipeline to millions of voters without the media filter and won't sit still and be slapped around with their lies.

Two years and they still haven't figured out what happened. They've wasted the time looking for one excuse after another.

I'm really looking forward to next Tuesday and using a single ply paper towel to soak up the "Blue Wave".

Can we just cut to the chase on Kavanaugh and SCOTUS?

Lefty never cared about women's rights when it's one of theirs doing all the groping or heavy drinking.

The only reason lefty is really going ape shit over Kavanaugh now ... is because they have relied on SCOTUS for two decades to push all their SJW crapola that they could never get Congress to pass and signed by the President. They treated it like a "Super Legislature" with no appeal, to get what they couldn't pass.

Now, with a reliable 5-4 Conservative SCOTUS that relies on OUR Constitution and not foreign laws (no thanks Ruthie), the number of "Penumbras" and 'implied rights" are gonna be fewer and way farther between.

Be nice to have the Bill of Rights treated as the limitation on Government it was meant to be. Time to take that whole "Shall not be infringed" thing more seriously.
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