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Well, this little piece of "School Shootings" research has to disappear quickly

Here's a report on a piece of research (8-27-2018) that won't get any broad media exposure. From NPR of all places, not exactly a far right wing source.

They did the most basic of fact checking, they simply called every school administration where the gun violence was claimed to confirm the incidents. The result really shocked them. Out of the nearly 240 school shootings claimed by Everytown, Mom's Demand Action, Brady, etc. .... exactly 11 were confirmed.

But this result, from a neutral source, is worth remembering next time you hear a Lefty candidate go hyperbolic on gun control and asks for your "support" (i.e. send me a check) or we hear another call to get out the torches and pitchforks for another virtue signalling march against the NRA.

Proves something most of us already knew, gun grabbers lie.

But if NPR keeps up this shit, Lefty will be demanding we cut their funding pretty soon.
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