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Seriously, how many Dems will vote for Kavanaugh if the FBI clears him?

If the FBI spends a week, or whatever, investigating and still can't find any corroborating support for an assault by Kavanaugh, does anyone actually think that even 1 of the Dims that demanded an FBI investigation will change their vote?

Flake is an idiot and is trying to carve out a lobbying job for himself at this point, trying not to piss anyone off.

Murkowski is a born follower and coward.

At some point, Trump needs to give the GOP "leadership" a transfusion of "Go Fuck Yourself" plasma.

So they stop believing Dem promises, buying "Genuine" Rolex watches off street vendors and thinking the check really is in the mail.

Here's a story that will disappear fast - CCW helps cops, shoots bad guy

Here's a Chicago area story from yesterday that won't be in the news for long.

For years the media and the gun grabbers have been telling us that legally armed citizens will shoot innocent bystanders, or the police will shoot us because they won't know who the criminal is.

Still waiting for that to actually happen, outside of their vivid imaginations.

Funny how that never seems to happen, with over 18 million CCW permits in the US now, not counting the 8 states with no permit required. 310,000+ in Illinois alone.

Not surprised that the cop missed and the CCW guy hit him. Permit holders tend to spend more time at the range then many cops do.

Cop, shot 3 times by the thug, is gonna be alright. Bad guy is where he belongs, in critical condition.
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