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President Trump at Air Force Academy Graduation

If you're ever wondering why the military seem to be so supportive of President Trump?

Here's a hint ...

From a Tweet from a AFA Graduate's fiance in the thread.

Trump just authorized declassification of all documents realted to Barr's investigation ...

... related to spying on the Trump campaign.

News Alert on Tucker Carlson's show.

Trump has allowed Barr to have access to any and all documents necessary.

That's gonna piss off the Brits, cause it's going to make them and the Aussies look dumb.

So the answer to Lefties, who said; "Yeah, right, when is he going to do it?"

Is now.

So much for Obama's political coat tails

Not that we needed any further proof, after all his "Kiss of Death" endorsements since 2010.

Looks like the Dems are going to run the guy that Obama told to sit down and shut up in 2016, while "the best candidate to ever run for President" took over the White House (LoL).

Funny that, even though the Hildabest is still available, they are going to run Sleepy Joe instead, an old white male and two time loser ... again.

I guess they figure that slapping a woman or minority as VP will be enough of a band aid on all that white privilege for their media suck ups to extol Joe's "brilliance", overlook his plagiarism and history of foot in mouth disease.
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