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Puerto Rico? I'm confused.

I just saw that the crooked Governor of Puerto Rico is resigning and the Mayor of San Juan is under investigation for pocketing funds that were supposed to be for rebuilding after Hurricane Maria?

I was assured that the only thing wrong with Puerto Rico was Trump's racism and hatred of Brown people, per Luis Guitierrez. The fine, honest Chicago Politician that managed to become a multi-millionaire with a walled compound in PR on an Alderman's salary?

Now we find out that Trump was right and it's been run by another batch of crooked Democrat Politicians? Did they migrate from the West side of Chicago

Ooops! "Feds end probe of hush money that Trump lawyer directed to Stormy Daniels, et. al."

"Federal prosecutors in New York have ended their campaign finance investigation into hush money payments arranged by President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to two women who claim they had sex with Trump, a judge revealed Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge William Pauley also ordered Wednesday that materials related to the probe of Cohen and those payments should be unsealed — and denied a request by prosecutors to keep certain portions blacked out."

Well, there's another one of those "Walls Closing In" events that fizzled into nothing. I was promised that Cohen was going to be the last straw on Trump. Definitely gonna put him and the whole family behind bars.

This news is being studiously ignored at the DUmp of course.

Best "Women's Soccer Team" related Tweet of the day ... so far

"If we wanted an angry, bitter lesbian at the White House, we would have just elected Hillary".
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