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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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DeBlowzio cracks down on ice cream trucks

"Operation Meltdown"

They parked illegaly and didn't pay tickets, or didn't have the requisate permits and credentials, so they took 46 trucks off the road denying kids in New York the chance to beg mom for 50 dollars (it IS New York) and then run out and get a snow cone.

I'm sure DeBlowzio would say it's for their own good of course, while he has his Baked Alaska brought to his table by an immigrant waitor transitioning to be a waitress (it IS New York, after all).

I openly apologize to Satans Son 666

I cannot claim to be a Christian and have credibility in that area if I do not do this, therefore I will.

Yes, I know I pissed you off, I am venomous and once things are said no debate can happen and therefore I do a CHRISTIAN thing and apologize, not because of whatever you may think, but because I don't like to cause ill will, it perpetuates and works its way down the chain, once someone is pissed off it is contagious as it's passed to others all I can do is try to stop any that I started, so you win, ok?

I'd still like to debate the hate you caused in me and surely will in others by wearing that shirt though. Think and say what you want about my apology, I used to LOVE high school.
Posted by Frankenvoter | Sat Jun 8, 2019, 12:53 PM (8 replies)

LOL millenials are afraid of doorbells

I was watching a blurb on my local "news" in order to catch todays weather, I googled the topic and found this link from Shitcago, I guess it has to do with the unexpectedness of it all, "who could be at the door?" "I didn't order anything from Amazon, could it be Jason, or Freddie?".

Posted by Frankenvoter | Thu Jun 6, 2019, 08:43 AM (6 replies)

New narrative: Gays are superior Christians

Just go ask Mayor Buttplug what he thinks, because whatever he says is gospel.

Love, incluseivness, helping those in need, he really DOES live out Christ's words much better than bigoted, neanderthal Christians such as Franklin Graham, wouldn't you say?

I mean, gays know all about being persecuted, driven from the town center, paying a price in flesh for THE WAY GOD MADE THEM.

And yet they've persevered and risen above while being the model of incluseivness and outward generosity, they're the model for all of us if we wantto be open about being Christian because like I said, thats our new narrative I can see it even if no one else does, yet.

But I can gaurantee that within 5 years there will be "proper" Christians, such as Buttplug and any church that both performs gay wedding ("weddings of love" they'll probably label them) AND has an STD clinic in the basement to draw in "those in need", and "neanderthal Christians" such as Graham who while they WOULD let a gay sit in the pew and hear the message, they would by no means allow the gay to GIVE the message.

And that's a rub in modern Amerika, especially when gays are proper Christians, much more Christlike than bigoted, neanderthal Christians, why, it wont be lomng before we find out just what type of "love" Peter was describing when talking about Jesus, THAT will make "news", it'll probably have it's own 60 minutes expose' but it's coming down the pike, it's the new narrative even if no one else has noticed it yet.

Posted by Frankenvoter | Tue Jun 4, 2019, 06:54 AM (8 replies)

LOL Trump calls Sadiq Khan "stone cold loser"

This english hole who's presstituting her way through a Trump bashing sequence says Trump "attacked Khan with his statements", even though, I'm pretty sure in her liberal view Khan does NOT attack Trump when he ratchets up the rhetoric against him.

As always do as I say, not as I do in libland.

Posted by Frankenvoter | Mon Jun 3, 2019, 08:04 AM (6 replies)

Buttplug claims Trump faked injury to keep out of Vietnam

He's a real piece of shit, I don't wish AIDS on anyone, but I suppose he could have "Son of AIDS" lurking in himself even right now, we'll all find out what it is soon enough, just like we found out about regular AIDS back in the 80's.

An alternate campaign slogan for "Keep America Great 2020"?

Hep-A, you might as well get used to your food being contaminated with it

Hows it getting there? Migrants shitting in the feilds? Yes, that's part of it, but also your contaminated chefs and food staff.

Looking at that map I can clearly see how the midwest is where all the lettuce is being picked (not).

It's "the help" at your local restaraunts, and if they're carrying around Hep-A, I wonder what else they have in thier viral cocktail.

And why would they have a "viral cocktail"? Because they're in a high risk group, cooking the food of those who are not.

Quote: public health officials in some states have said 20 percent to 30 percent of the confirmed hepatitis A patients they have recorded were not in any of the so-called high risk groups, which suggests they became infected through contaminated foods or beverages. E/Q

"Although they were not in any of the high risk groups" indicating there ARE high risk groups, that we'll never really hear specifics about because that would be giving negative press to our LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and Z population, who populate the food service world, and are giving thier diseases to the customers.

Revenge of the squid

I think partially this is the fault of the orientals tendency to eat whatever slimes up on shore, whether it's still kicking or not.

I actually think I've seen this before

Game of Thrones sucks

Excalibur meets romeo and juliet meets 300 meets the walking dead, what could go wrong?

It's like watching paint dry.

"Oh, that's the dragon glass, it's used to make weapons to kill the white walkers" mmmm hmmmmm, mmmmmm hmmmmm, I see, I'm afraid to ask what the "white walkers " are and how this works into the plot meets subplot meets further subplot meets this weeks cliffhanger, but it didn't matter, I didn't have to ask because.........

Thats when the dragons swooped in, (yeahhhhhh, we've got dungeons and dragons too), and supposedly this show is popular.

Any G.O.T. fans here? There's not gonna be Star Trek-esque conventions anytime soon is there? I suppose they'd fit right in at any local renaissance fair, maybe they were the lobby behind the creation of this snooze fest to begin with, just a hunch.

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