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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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2 mil lb chicken recalled, metal in products

This is all "institutional" products. Nuggets, patties, etc, going to schools, hospitals, nursing facilities and it seems once a month or every other week there's "extranious materials" in our food, usually plastic peices but now metal, on top of a post I made last week about Salmonella in ground beef, it should be e-coli, salmonella is called "cross contamination" and either piss poor habits are being followed at the processing center, or people who work there with no security clearance and are possibly Allahholics.

"My name is Ahkmed, and I'm an Allahholic"

Hi Ahkmed

"I feel the need to spread the love of allah by hurting people in various ways and then getting a 10 year old giggle from it, the type 10 year old boys get when they're cooking ants with a magnifying glass, you know the type?"

"yes Ahkmed that's why we're all here"

I dont give a shit about supposed equipment malfunctions causing all these peoblems and not the employees, I as a person who works on food equipment can tell you that I and everyone in my profession thinks about things like loose shards of metal after having drilled a hole and proper cleanups of work areas to make them food safe, as well as proper grease that's "food safe", you dont want it in the food but if it gets there you're safe.

So no one can tell me in a muslim apoligetics way that the people who work at these factories are not contaminating the food, they are generally lower paid employees to begin with meaning prime for an immigrant population to populate.

One of my gigs while coming back from my homeless routine was working in a factory on the equipment that made plastic bags of all sorts, some for dog food, some for people food, some for trash, 90% somolian working in there, not saying they were bad just because they were somolian, but that there were no americans in there, and why?

Because those jobs are "beneath" us these days, same as a food processing ceneter somewhere with employees that most likely have never been background checked, and may just be Allahholics.

Posted by Frankenvoter | Thu Nov 7, 2019, 07:49 AM (1 replies)

St Buttplug, of Our alter boy of Ben Dover, spreads the gospel

It's OK with the left for HIM to spout his Christian values all over the place, because he takes it up the ass.

He can spout his scripture and expect it to be doctrine, HE'S living out Christs words, while conveniently leaving out other biblical doctrine about sodomites, and the sin of pride.

Fuck you, Buttplug, I know what you and the media are doing, you're establishing that there is "proper" Christianity, people like Buttplug, and then "neanderthal" Christianity, people like Franklin Graham.

Fuck you Buttplug, there's a special place in hell for people like you.

And I'm not saying there's not a place for gays at church, what I'm saying is they're announcing that the biblical doctrine of homosexuality being a sin is incorrect, because it's not a sin, not in thier eyes, and that the sin of pride is not a sin, because they wallow in it, further from that, they announce that THIER version is the correct one, and that anyone with a disabgreement to them is (drumroll please) a homophobe.

LIVE: Unite America First protesting demoncrats in TX

Posted by Frankenvoter | Sun Nov 3, 2019, 03:49 PM (1 replies)

Warren 2020 new campaign ads

Posted by Frankenvoter | Sun Nov 3, 2019, 10:08 AM (7 replies)

LGBTQ? Nope, "Black, Queer & Intersectional" is more like it

What? Are you telling me that in the LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and/or Z alphabet there's not ONE letter for the Black, Queer & Intersectional community? Seriously?

Are you telling me the LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and/or Z's are a little bit bigoted possibly against the Black, Queer & Intersectional community?

Stonewall had to issue an apology the other day because back during protest summer of 2017 some trannies got into it with the cops and went to jail and no one was there to bail them out or pay lawyer fees as I suppose they do for other members of the LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and/or Z community, but not them, which p[issed them off appearantly requiring the apology letter which wasn't good enough because last night a rally to highlight thier plight turned into a protest in front of Stonewall

I find it strange the LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and/or Z can be bigoted against the Black, Queer & Intersectional community, how can this be?
Posted by Frankenvoter | Sun Nov 3, 2019, 07:13 AM (3 replies)

Haunted house in TN requires 40 page waiver to enter

The video title continues on to say a doctor signed waiver in addition to the 40 page one, I suppose that you're mentally strong enough, and also a "safe word", I guess that would be something like "Uncle" (I've had too much).

As I've been talking to people about drug addiction or other items in that realm where the mechanism is the same, this would be one of them, there's a need humans have for our experience to be bigger and better the next time, it's why beer leads to whiskey, powder cocaine leads to crack, people like the INXS singer or David Carradine hanging themselves for a better sexual thrill, or in the "scare" arena, movies like Halloween giving way to Hostel and Saw, and then this as the next level of haunted houses.

Whatever it is that gives us pleasure it has to be bigger and better the next time, it's why the "news" is so hell bent on getting Trump (one of them anyway), it's like a drug addiction to them.

When they took down Nixon that was like the first big hit of crack, it was AWESOME!! man, and thus starts the journey to find some more which in the 70's was 60 Minutes "gotcha" journalism and various CEO's, then came the inevitable whoring yourself out for more which they did with the exploding gas tanks on trucks, and then they reach where they are now, where everyone but themselves can see the problem they have and need an intervention over.

So anyway, people who sign the waiver and get the doctorb's permission, what's next for them, what will they do next year? What disgusting blight to society will be foisted upon us to live with from there after all in the name of some scare junkie getting a bigger thrill next time? Live animal sacrifices perhaps?

Woman arrested kicking squatters out of house

The house was vacant for whatever reason and they were spotted sleeping around outside for a few days, probably long enough to determine no one was living there then broke in and changed the locks, when she found out about it she called the cops but the squatters said they had a lease but just couldn't find it right now so the cops told her she'd have to go to court over it to which she got irate, and got arrested, its around 4 minutes long

EDIT: A dog was hurt in the raid but hopefully will be OK

And I STILL like knowing being chased down by them was the last thing that peice of shit knew of this world.

Website for doxxing of Trump supporters, leftists are scumbags

EDIT: it's about 3 minutes long

Antifa killed by an SUV, group wants witness silence

I hadn't heard about any asswipe antifas being ran down by cars at any recent street parties of thiers, but it looks like someone did that in Portland, I came across this on a YouTube vid I wont link because it's 40 minutes and I haven't seen the whole thing but the mother came out and asked that no one talk about it as well which is the second web link, the SUV plowed into democratic headquarters after running down the basement dweller and being shot by the antifa on the street who had guns, the Portland cops are getting no help from no one.

I bet it was someone they knew in the car, the driver probably thought the antifa was a Trump supporter or something, LOL?

Further thought: this also explains the "news" not making big hay of an antifa being ran down and killed, they've just been itching for someone with a Trump bumper sticker on thier car to do just that but if the driver was a democrat or antifa themselves and maybe just DUI trying to get to the party themselves, then it's "Operation: Coverup" "who, huh? What? I see nothing...NOTHING!!"

They CLAIM to like anarchy even though they're nazis using that as cover, I have to admit I'm not as into anarchy as I once thought I was but I still like this song, it's "rip yer hed off metal".

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