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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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Live right now, at least 100 ATV riders flaunting the law on Florida streets

Russia has better news than we do

As a matter of fact I think Joseph McCarthy was right and we have functioning leftovers of what they've cleansed from their country.

Woman banned from Wal Mart for riding scooter with Pringles can full of wine

The story itself is about how this has been hashtag "news" for the last 24 hours and most people still have more questions than answers about it, as in the way the "news" regurgitates what happened, by way of police reports or other eyewitness statements but never ASK any questions about WHY.

They've been doing it alot lately on lots of stories, but I havent been paying hardly any attention because the other half of this has been just how deep this political hibernation of mine is getting, I had no idea this has been a "thing" for the last 24 hours, I don't watch the "news" anymore not left wing or supposedly right wing Fox, no Rush or anyone else, I dont give a shit anyway what the daily facelift by way of zippered neck has to say in congress for the next two years, or the lecturing librarian with the glasses to the tip of the nose in the senate either.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

But "Electric scooter being rode in Wal Mart parking lot at 6:30 AM while rider drinks wine out of a Pringles can" ?

THAT gets a slight "huh, what? Sounds like some drunk person........"

Then, roll over, hit the snooze button for "2020 presidential election cycle" (which should be within 4-6 months from now) and back to Ph treatment (political hibernation, similar to sleep, as good for the body and mind too).

I'm betting his You Tube channel is banned by tomorrow

Welfare baby loose in the cold, "news" report spins it into a heartwarming tale of alert bus drivers

This is what masquerades as our "news" these days, a half a sentence letting us know the mother had let the kid outside to play, what looks to be about a 2 or 3 year old to me, in Wisconsin, that is I guarantee below freezing and coat and hat weather, not t-shirt and diaper, and so "the baby is now with the father". and thats that for that angle of the story.

Not anything about how many other kids the welfare mommy has, what type of penalties she might be facing for having been so uncaring of her own kid, why it is 99.9999999% of kids go to the mom under the "just because" rule, none of these questions will be asked because it's not an issue our "news" wants to look into, so we'll just go with the "heart tug", of such a good news story, which is what it was listed under, the "good news" this bus driver was so alert and grabbed the kid and blah blah blah blah blah.

Felonies? I'm wondering. The "news" wont say. My guess is they'll do a little research on her first and find a few avenues of positive press to paint her with, harsh upbringings or abusive husbands or time on the street trying to make ends meet in a Trump Amerika, that's when we'll hear about any charges the state might be bringing but coupled with a "she needs understanding, and help, not 20 years to life".

Welfare babies are nothing but a paycheck to these women and they need fixed, just like my dog.

THAT'S "news" you can use, AND, you heard it here first.

This is just another letter on the LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and Z alphabet, and shouldn't be illegal

That's what the kink brigade on the left should be saying by sundown anyway.

I mean, the whole idea of this societal trip we've been on is that all sexual expression is variations on a theme and that every single one of us has a certain kink that unlocks our happiness and if we just find our kink, and keep it with like minded kinkazoids, the world would be a happier place right?

Thats why pedo issues are being devolved down, in the gay world that is. Young girls are always off limits to straight guys but NAMBLA is there to make sure young boys can be diddled on scout adventures, as well as 11 year old drag queens on Good Morning Amerika.

People that are into thier animals will be next, cousins marrying I'm sure, and then whoever this guy is I'm assuming it's a guy, BUT Det. Columbo might just find out it was a militant butch lesbian with a turkey baster, because she's just that crazy.

So I'd expect a left wing hashtag movement to be around by this evening explaining to us all that this is just another sexual kink and it needs explored by society and not prosecuted.

Man sues Grinder, claims 1100 men have been harrassing him looking for sex

Showing up at his work, following him into the bathroom, expecting services because the Alpha-Bits (LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and Z's) are a little different in the dating world apparently, it seems that once a profile is up, you are to accept every offer that comes your way, at least when you're a man looking for a man.

I mean, I've been at dating sites and given "likes" to girls and sent messages, I wasn't aware these were the new rules these days that if a profile is up, then obviously you're looking for sex. And because I am here offering you that sex, it's your problem and not mine that you've got an objection to it, when you were very clearly advertising thats what you wanted, so I'm here now, at your work, let's do this thing.

Is that the new rules these days in the dating world, or is that type of deviant behaviour limited to the Alpha-Bits (LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and Z's)?
Posted by Frankenvoter | Tue Jan 8, 2019, 06:51 AM (5 replies)

Hackers release damning video evidence linking McDonalds to corporate character assasination

Posted by Frankenvoter | Mon Jan 7, 2019, 03:12 PM (1 replies)

Damn punk teenagers

Circleville is about a half hour from me, it's the closest place I know to find a Hardees and get a real hamburger, there's not much to do down there that I know of so I'm sure "boredom" will be an excuse.

Of the loot 3 stolen handguns were taken from UNLOCKED cars, who the fuck leaves handguns in unlocked cars??

The parents are doing the Sgt. Schultz

Either they or the punk teenagers posted inappropriate pics of minors online which was what got the investigation started to begin with, so there's still lots for the cops to look into down there on the way to Chillicothe and outdoor live theater in the summer with Techumseh that I need to get to maybe next year (I'm not on the payroll but will take a spiff were they to thank me for my shameless advertising).

Circleville itself was named as such because back in the day when we were killing off indians and stealing thier land to be worked with slave labor, the town itself was built on the outlines of a Hopewell indian earthwork mound, that I'm sure my white priveleged colonial ancestors took one look at and said to themselves "Heathens" as they started digging it up, as was the custom of the day.

No, what was I thinking, they had thier SLAVES dig it up, as was the custom of the day.

Posted by Frankenvoter | Thu Jan 3, 2019, 10:04 AM (2 replies)

Women prison guards smuggling breast pumps into prison

It's a sniffle inducing story designed to bring to light the burdens women prison gaurds are forced to work under, boo hoo.

Quote: “Discrimination against nursing mothers is the next frontier in pregnancy discrimination,” said Joan Williams, a professor at the school and a co-author of the report. “It’s not just unfair to women, it’s unfair to children.” E/Q

Well of course it is.

Women bitch because they want to be treated equal as men and put in jobs that is much better all around for only a man to do, and then they bitch because they need special treatments of all sorts to make that job fit them, instead of them fitting the job.

"I demand the right to be put in front line infantry troops!!!!"
I cant carry as much though, you'll need to lower those standards for me.

I cant do as many pushups either. Cant run as far, not as fast either, cant carry the same amount of weight, jealousies get started as soon as I play footsie with one troop over the other, but still, I DEMAND the right to be treated as equal in every aspect of life, even though I'm clearly not".

I hope they throw the book at her, I hope she loses her job and is found guilty of smuggling contraband into the prison, I hope she does 10 years with the criminal element she was previously leading to chow, or out in the yard for some sun.

Of course now in the trial is where we will hear all about the special treatments the prison needs to introduce in order to conform to having a woman gaurd, so that these things don't happen again down the road, because this trial never would have happened had she been allowed to pump breast milk.

Ummm, the trial also wouldn't have been needed had she never been a prison gaurd to begin with as in keeping with the natural order of the world, just sayin....

Posted by Frankenvoter | Thu Jan 3, 2019, 05:11 AM (4 replies)
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