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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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9 of 10 South Bend residents interviewed dont like Mayor Buttplug

Oh, forgive me, St. Buttplug of our Alter boy of Ben Dover, THE word on Christian issues in relation to who's
"proper" Christian, which is above all "inclusive" (his type) and who's neanderthal bigots (conservatives, and Franklin Graham).

So it looks like Buttplug's plan for South bend is to "GENTrify" it, as there's all kinds of boarded up buildings at rock bottom prices ready to be bought up and rehabbed by the blowmos, raising property values and tax revenue for the city and leaving long time residents saying to themselves "Can I afford $1800/mo rent?" the answer to that being "no" so they move out leaving more downtown buildings to be rehabbed.

One kid has it pegged, he said "they" seem to try and keep the blight covered up, all he needs to do is finish his thought with who "they" are (the "news", much more than the politicians the "news" enables) as well as saying "it seems only people with lots of money can afford to live downtown", so under Buttplug South bend is destined to be another case of liberal elites and pedestrian "have nots" who subsist on thier crumbs like New York, L.A., Shitcago, and every other liberal blue central city core.

Trannies get a McSniffle to go while out dining

Now, this is just my bigoted assumption, but my guess is the "altercation" was involved around the group of trannies "taking things up a notch", whetehr in overall flare, in verbage, in noisy "we're here, we're queer, we can do whatever we want these days" and a couple at the other table had had enough of it so the security asked them ALL to leave which the straight couple appears to have done but the trannies, one who is a "gender non conformist" said the rules shouldn't apply to them, hence the McSniffle to go.

They wanted it though, the McSniffle to go, that way they could get the publicity and the media apparatus to play "you poor baby" with them for a few days because we'll hear all about the "transphobic slurs", we'll never hear nothing about what got it started, which is "the rules dont apply to us, we're an "oppressed" people, so we 're gonna "take it up a notch", and dare people to say something about it".

THAT'S your real culprit in this, the need they feel for a constant outrage somewhere about something, to get a new hashtag moving and another protest, always another protest.

LIVE: Trump presser w/Macron

And in case you're waiting on the presser to start (I'm betting 10AM), here's a little elevator music

Damn Joe, I didn't know you were THAT creepy

Makes me wonder what he's whispering in her ear as she cringes before he tries to lay one on the lips then starts talking normal again as he can tell he's been shunned, for now.

Watching Starsky and Hutch on Crackle, was "Huggy Bear" a racial stereotype?

And why was he never rubbed out by all the people he was informing on?

Just wondering. I'm looking for the episode where the boys (can I call them that?) have to go save H.B. from just that predicament.

Found it, Season 1 episode 8, "Kill Huggy Bear". Looks like "informer Huggy Bear becomes a mob target when hot money is stolen from him".

Tuning in now........

Candace Owens schools feminist

It's a rather quick 18 minutes, at about 5 is when the feminist starts hearing how wrong she is, Owens makes a point to tell her "You just made a point about men interrupting women as being toxic masculinity by interupting me and calling BS on my point and I'm asking you if that's toxic femininity for you to do that".

I bet this chick was so depressed afterward she went and got artificially insemenated just so she could have the abortion.

They need to add sand and grit to the water cannon

That way it tears a layer of skin off the protesters and they won't treat it as a "quick cool down" then right back to throwing things and shouting slogans, the "resistance" pieces of shit.

Journalists are addicted to the smug they get influencing public opinion

MLS fans are a bunch of cuck nazis

I just love the way "woke" groups announce that displays of this or that won't be tolerated, because it espouses nazi or fascist views (in thier tiny warped minds) meanwhile THEIR banners should be allowed, because they are ANTI fascist, (in thier tiny little minds) never once considering how nazi and fascist it is, to say ONLY my voice will be heard here today.

Quote: . As detailed in a story by Yahoo Sports’ Caitlin Murray this week, fans believe MLS’ ban on political displays at games is effectively lumping racists and fascists in with those who stand firmly against the ugly subsets of society. Moreover, it could be argued MLS only amplified the controversy by issuing the ban in the first place. E/Q

Yes, so the rainbow flag, the antifa red/black, the Che fist, all of that should be allowed, because that's "proper" political speech, but a rebel flag, or even a betsy ross? That's be a big no no as we all know that would be espousing white nationalist beliefs, blah blah blah.

The left are the nazis, THE LEFT IS.

McFight Club @McDonald's

The vid shows as posted about 14 hours ago it looks to be just a compilation of incidents, somewhere around 3/4 through a cop is trying to subdue someone and his buddy is punching the cop from above while they're wrestling down on the ground I was waiting for his tazer to come out at least but it cut to another scene so not sure what happened after that.

People are getting out of control because of the lack of repercussions, if each and every one of these people did 5 years for assault, regardless of whatever sniffle story thier lawyer told the court about "destroying a life over one mistake", it would stop.

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