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Seems like Russia wants a war
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Thu Nov 29, 2018, 10:31 AM (16 replies)

Quick local observation after voting this morning

Not much to report from my local polling station in southeastern CT. I stood in line for about 5 minutes which is typical for a mid-term election here. It does not appear that there is a surge in new voters in this area. Then again, this is a very small precinct so it may be hard to tell.

This part of CT will occasonally send a Rep to congress but I do not think that will happen this time. Courtney has done a decent job with local issues and is popular. I myself voted for him the last time around but did not today. He also had a lot more money to spend. His ads were everywhere and I don't think I saw a single add for his opponent Postemski. This race was over a long time ago.

For the Senate race, CT will do what CT as a whole always does, they will pull the lever for the candidate with a D next to his name and Murphy will be sent back to the Senate for another 6 years.

The governor's race may be interesting. I have not looked at the polling but the general feeling around here is that Stefanowski (R) has a shot to beat Lamont (D). Southeastern CT is a little redder than most of the state but does still trend blue. This may be coloring my perception of the statewide race. I do think if Lamont gets elected and the state stays on the same trajectory it is on now, he may be a one term governor.
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Tue Nov 6, 2018, 01:04 PM (10 replies)

When did the belief that we are a nation of laws and our borders should be respected become fear?

I have been seeing this a lot lately. Most Conservatives and Republicans believe in the rule of law. When it comes to immigration that means those seeking citizenship need to go through the legal process of becoming a citizen. If you are a refugee, there is a process for that as well. When reading left wing articles that discuss Republicans and immigration, you will almost always read that fear is what is driving the Republican's opposition to open borders.

How can you hope to have a meaningful dialog with those that hold an opposing view when they either cannot understand your motiviation or even worse, intentionally mischaracterize it for political gain?
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Fri Nov 2, 2018, 09:15 AM (20 replies)

In light of today's news, do you think Hillary is ready for civility to return now?

Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:16 PM (8 replies)

What's in your DNA?

With Warren and her claims of Native American heritage being in the news, I thought it would interesting for those that are willing to share their DNA history.

I did my DNA with Ancestory a few years ago and received the following results:

Ireland and Scotland - 57%
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe - 38%
Europe South - 3%
Scandinavia - 1%
Asia Central - less than 1%

Ancestory has updated their estimates of my DNA history based on improved tools and a larger database. My updated profile looks like this:

Ireland and Scotland - 67%
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe - 33%
Europe South - 0%
Scandinavia - 0%
Asia Central - 0%

I lost the traces of Europe South, Scandinavia and Asia Central that were present. This update is more inline with what I found when I traced my ancesters. Everyone I have been able to trace came from either Ireland, England or Germany.

EDIT: The second half of my post was lost when I used a less than symbol so I removed the symbol and added the rest.
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Tue Oct 16, 2018, 09:37 AM (8 replies)

It is a banner day for leftist extremists

I grant that the ricin incident was not necessarily from someone on the far laft. The first and third posts above almost certainly are.
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Tue Oct 2, 2018, 12:44 PM (4 replies)

Trump rejects EU offer to eliminate auto tariffs

President Donald Trump rejected an offer from the European Union to eliminate tariffs on cars if the U.S. did the same in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.

Hours earlier, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told the European Parliament's trade committee that the EU is "willing to bring down even our car tariffs to zero, all tariffs to zero, if the U.S. does the same."

Trump said that the offer is "not good enough," adding that European "consumer habits are to buy their cars, not to buy our cars."

Currently, the U.S. imposes a 25 percent tariff on light trucks and pickups and 2.5 percent on smaller cars. The EU imposes a 10 percent tariff on all passenger vehicles.

After reading this I am left to wonder what Trump's ultimate goal is with respect to EU and auto tariffs. The removal of all auto tariffs in both directions is what we should be aiming for. The EU has offered so why did Trump reject the offer?
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Fri Aug 31, 2018, 08:46 AM (9 replies)

Parts Shortages Crimp U.S. Manufacturers

Suppliers of everything from engines to electronic components aren’t keeping up with a boom in U.S. manufacturing thanks to strong economic growth, lifting demand in markets such as energy, mining and construction. As a result, some manufacturers are idling production lines and digesting higher costs.

Many industrial companies have reported strong sales and profits in recent weeks, and the pace of factory hiring has more than doubled this year compared with the first seven months of 2017.

However, deliveries from suppliers have slowed for 22 consecutive months through July, according to the latest survey of U.S. manufacturers by the Institute for Supply Management. More than one-quarter of respondents said it took longer for materials to arrive in July than June. Machinery was the hardest-hit sector.

These bottlenecks were evident in the earnings reports manufacturers delivered over the past few weeks.

I thought this was an interesting article about the challenges manufacturers are having trying to keep up with demand. This should mean either more jobs or higher wages as suppliers attempt to meet demand.
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Fri Aug 10, 2018, 08:43 AM (3 replies)

Trump and tariffs

There has been a lot of pro and anti tarrif talks over the past week. One thing I have not seen is a comprehensive list of countries that export steel along with the tariffs they may have for importing steel. Does anyone have such a list?

I don't have a problem with setting tariffs at the same level as other steel exporting countries. For example, if China has a 5% tarrif then the US should have a 5% tarrif on Chinese steel.
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Mon Mar 5, 2018, 06:14 PM (0 replies)

Great January Jobs Report

The best part is a 2.9% increase in the average hourly wage.
Posted by FreeWheelBurning | Fri Feb 2, 2018, 09:22 AM (3 replies)
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