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Coronavirus. Prepping for worst, hoping for best.

Looks like this is going to be a pretty serious situation. Either its going to be a pandemic, or China's economy and industry is going to take a huge hit that will cause massive impact rippling through to the world economy and supply chain. China is pretty much screwed and china supplies much of the world with industrial supplies, raw materials, and goods. I have the feeling that the rest of the world is going to see major infections and social disruption. The only way to stop this one is for each country to isolate, shutting down borders. Any which way you look at it, economies are going to crash worldwide as trade and travel virtually stops. I really don't see any other outcome the way this one is spreading.

So far I've stocked up on fever reducing medications, N95 masks, chemical splash goggles, alcohol hand sanitizer, bleach, disinfectant wipes, three to four months of shelf stable foodstuffs, and at least 2 months of bottled purified water

Today I found a neat little stove that is a combination cookstove and thermoelectric generator. A small fire of twigs, pinecones, or wood pellets will charge a cellphone or other small electronics while cooking a decent meal.
Picked up a few axes, and another dozen disposable propane bottles for cooking, an oil lamp, a few hundred 12 gauge field loads, a few dozen buckshot rounds, and 1k .22lr rounds.

I think I'm almost to the point that my girl and I can easily survive a few months of lockdown, no contact with the outside world. I might pick up a small wood stove for heating, still deciding on that one.

Our trigger point at which we lock doors and cut off contact with any potential carriers is the first verified case of Coronavirus in our small (20k people) town. By the time it gets here it will most likely have spread through bigger cities and caused the beginning of widespread disruptions to food and medical supply chains.
Next purchase is a decent first aid kit, not just a cheap home aid kit, but something well stocked and useful for major trauma.

Doing my shopping now before things get serious enough to cause widespread panic. Last thing I want is to be in a store full of panicked, potentially infected virus carriers competing for a rapidly dwindling supply of goods.

Do you trust China to be accurately reporting the numbers for the Coronavirus outbreak?

Ask yourself
If the common flu is more deadly than this coronavirus outbreak,
Why has China quarantined a record number of people, numbering in the tens of millions, a response never seen before for any disease outbreak anywhere, anytime in the world?
Why has China started building emergency care centers specifically for dealing with an anticipated thousands of coronavirus patients?

Do you really trust China to be reporting truthful numbers of infected patients and fatality rates?

Consider other disasters in recent history such as Chernobyl and the Fukushima meltdown. In both cases, governments lied about the seriousness and consequences of these disasters. Do you really think China, known for censorship and coverups such as the Tiananmen square massacre and the more recent SARS outbreak, is going to admit the seriousness and origin of the current coronavirus outbreak? Do you think China might have an economic incentive to downplay the seriousness of this outbreak? A serious outbreak would significantly impact their economy negatively and they know it. Do you think China wants their global military competitors to know China is in a situation of increased vulnerability?

Internal whistleblowers in the Chinese health industry have already started coming forward anonymously, reporting far greater numbers of infected patients and fatalities than are being reported by the Chinese government.

China has already been confirmed to have suppressed reports of the outbreak, scrubbing social media posts and arresting people posting videos and reports of the outbreak as well as threatening journalists.

I would caution against downplaying the significance of this outbreak, and suggest people start preparing for a serious scenario.

I hope I'm wrong but the situation is getting worse, not better.

If you think an asterisk by Trumps name will be embarrassing,

Just picture the wikipedia page detailing the demise of the democratic party and the utter partisanship, narcissism, and childishness that brought it down.
Partisan democrats have no self awareness.

Leftist Vegan hamburger. How?

Easy. Wait till a pregnant cow is about to give birth,
Then abort that growth and process the "calf" into burger.

Voila, vegan hamburger. No living beings killed during it's creation.

Assange is not a martyr.

"In a pretrial hearing in Manning's case, prosecutors presented evidence that Manning had asked Assange—who was instant messaging with Manning under the name Nathaniel Frank—if he had experience cracking hashes. Assange allegedly responded that he possessed rainbow tables for that, and Manning sent him a hashed password string. According to Thursday's unsealed indictment, Assange followed up two days later asking for more information about the password, and writing that he'd had "no luck so far." The indictment further alleges that Assange actively encouraged Manning to gather even more information, after Manning said she had given all she had."

Thats a crime.

"Asked by The Daily Beast why WikiLeaks did not review all of the documents and make redactions where necessary before their release, Daniel Schmitt replied that the volume of documents made it impossible.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, official spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that the Taliban would study the released documents in order to discover and punish informants.

We knew about the spies and people who collaborate with U.S. forces. We will investigate through our own secret service whether the people mentioned are really spies working for the U.S. If they are U.S. spies, then we know how to punish them.

— Zabihullah Mujahid,

When Assange was questioned about this statement by Amy Goodman in a Democracy Now! interview, he responded,

I reviewed the statement of someone that a London paper claimed to be speaking for some part of the Taliban. Remember, the Taliban is actually not a homogenous group. And the statement, as far as such things go, was fairly reasonable, which is that they would not trust these documents; they would use their own intelligence organization's investigations to understand whether those people were defectors or collaborators, and if so, after their investigations, then they would receive appropriate punishment. Now, of course, that is — you know, that image is disturbing, but that is what happens in war, that spies or traitors are investigated.

— Julian Assange, "

Assange thinks people working with the United States in Afghanistan are "spies and traitors"....which is the official position of the Taliban as well. No doubt the Taliban killed people working with the U.S. because of these leaks, and endangered U.S. citizens both abroad and domestically.

"In the summer of 2016, as WikiLeaks was publishing documents from Democratic operatives allegedly obtained by Kremlin-directed hackers, Julian Assange turned down a large cache of documents related to the Russian government, according to chat messages and a source who provided the records.

WikiLeaks declined to publish a wide-ranging trove of documents — at least 68 gigabytes of data — that came from inside the Russian Interior Ministry, according to partial chat logs reviewed by Foreign Policy."

Not only was he focusing his attacks entirely on the U.S., he was actively declining to attack Russia. I'm not saying he's a Russian operative, but he certainly is anti-U.S.
which leads us to the next fact,

A list of relevant stolen materials Wikileaks has released. Take notice of the origin of most of the relevant materials released, particularly in the last 4-5 years. The U.S. is predominantly represented in the list of countries who have had damaging materials released. Almost nothing from China, Russia, or any of the U.S.'s major global economic and military competitors.
Assange is no martyr.

And finally,

If you had been housing a guest in your house for the last four years, and they started insulting your family, and smeared poop on your walls, wouldn't you kick him out too?

"Ecuador’s Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo made the startling claim about the WikiLeaks founder’s personal hygiene at a press conference on Thursday after his asylum status was withdrawn and he was dragged from the building.

During former President Rafael Correa’s government, “they tolerated things like Assange putting feces on the embassy walls and other behaviors far from the minimum respect that a guest can have,” Romo said"

Not feeling too sorry for Assange right now.
And that's not even getting into why he was in the Ecuadorian embassy for the last four years to begin with.

Washington Post article: Propaganda or Opinion piece? You decide

First, a helpful definition of propaganda vs. opinion news.

“Opinion” (often described by news outlets as “commentary” or “editorials/op-eds”) presents a specific perspective on a topic or issue. While it may use emotional appeals to persuade readers, viewers or listeners to consider the position it’s arguing for (or against), the message includes verifiable facts and evidence. That evidence may be open to some interpretation, but it is still clear and supported by reasoning. In addition, other perspectives and positions may be presented for balance and contrast. The best opinion pieces use facts and coherent arguments to explain why we should agree with the position.

“Propaganda” has a wide variety of definitions. The most important elements of propaganda are that it speaks to our fears and insecurities, it distorts and manipulates facts and information, it often includes falsehoods and it’s one-sided. Propaganda most commonly uses logical fallacies in its efforts to persuade — especially attacks on opponents and strong emotional appeals.

Propaganda also uses misinformation and disinformation. While students often think of these as synonymous, there is an important distinction: Does the person who is sharing the information believe that it’s true, or does he or she know that it’s false but is sharing it anyway? The former is misinformation, the latter is disinformation. Propaganda uses both."

Now, its interesting to compare these definitions to the text in the article.

Note that the source for the felony allegations is not a lawyer, and works for, a project dedicated to "proving" the disproven Russia collusion angle. Do you think this article as posted by the Washington Post qualifies as propaganda, and why or why not?

My take is it is shameless propaganda, given that the premise of the argument is unsupported by any solid evidence, the source of the analysis is obviously biased and the reason for the organizations existence is proven to be based on a falsehood, and there is obvious bigotry displayed throughout the text and purposeful misdirection away from proven facts.

Cheating liberal female: "I cheated on my boyfriend with my regain my power"

"By seducing my assaulter, I was reclaiming the control I’d lost over my body and identity."

I didn’t think twice about the invitation to join one friend’s family for dinner beforehand, even though it meant seeing her brother—the one with whom I shared a disturbing history. My denial was so strong, so effective, that I could sit a few feet away from him like it was no big deal, laughing, chatting, eating lasagna.

After dinner, it became clear that the brother would be joining us at the bar and, strangely, I started to escalate my small talk to flirtation. It was like shifting into an autopilot mode I didn’t know existed. Without a clear thought or strategy, I drank enough to soften my focus and banish my inhibitions, but not so much that I lost control. I knew where I was and how to get to safety. I could pinpoint my friends on the dance floor—the better to dodge them as I moved closer and closer to my assailant. Eventually I suggested we go back to his apartment.

Oddly, being back in bed with him didn’t scare me. We rolled around and made out in the bottom half of a bunk bed. It was all very PG-13; the way I might have behaved with a high school crush. He didn’t push for more and I didn’t offer. I woke to find three friends rousing on his grungy couch and shooting me confused looks—they were friendly with my pretty serious boyfriend.

I knew I should be ashamed and, frankly, worried that my boyfriend—who I’d been with for a year and would go on to date for another three—would find out. But I was neither. Instead, I felt like I’d scratched a hard-to-reach itch. Cheating wasn’t something I took lightly, but whatever deep-seated need I’d satisfied that night was more important than fidelity. An obscure yet palpable sense of relief drove away any hint of guilt before it could take hold.

The real "green new deal"...the only one that will work, and is just as plausible as AOC's version

The only way you democrats are going to get the results you so desire is not some ridiculous economic plan that has exactly 0 chance of being passed,

Here is what you have to do.
1. Decide who's going to survive and covertly immunize them to the coming events
2. Covertly dump a virulent biological agent on China, India, and most of Africa. Wipe out 99%+ of the population.
3. Take over now desolate countries and put all resources on permanent lockdown, wipe out remaining
populations, outlaw any burning of any substance, outlaw meat production, and outlaw any migratory activity
4. Thank your lucky stars that "climate change" has been stymied as you sit in your "green" mud hut with your
ankle bracelet quietly monitoring your contribution to carbon emissions.

Only by implementing this kind of "green new deal" will you get the results you so desperately want.

This other plan is, lets face it, bullshit that has no chance of being policy, and woudn't stop China, India, and Africa from emitting one less ounce of carbon, thereby ensuring "climate change" marches on exactly as before...but now with the U.S. economy crippled and dying.

Can lefty adult?

Fuel seems to be the latest example of the sad downward trend of the lefts ability to reason as an adult.

Sadly, though I wish I could say that Fuels pathetic antics on this board are an anomoly, but his behavior, lack of ability to articulately defend their position, and gutter mindset are quickly becoming the norm for democrats. More and more they are appearing less as intelligent adults fit to govern and more and more like an Intersectional cult of deranged children.

Do any members of DI know a strong liberal who does not act like a lunatic when politics are brought up?

Dems harass child with last name Trump, then fall over themselves condemning Trump for helping

"On Monday the White House revealed its special guests for Tuesday night’s State of the Union. Among those attending is 11-year-old Joshua Trump, who made headlines last December when it was reported that he was in the process of changing his last name because he was being bullied at school.

“He said he hates himself, and he hates his last name, and he feels sad all the time, and he doesn’t want to live feeling like that anymore, and as a parent that’s scary,” his mom, Megan Berto, told reporters."

News of the boy’s experience with bullying has been met with sympathy, though many are questioning the president’s motives, citing his own bullying behavior.

Benjamin Siemon

Hi Joshua Trump. I'm sorry you get bullied at school for your last name. My name is Ben Joseph Siemon. "Semen" or "BJ Semen." I didn't visit a porn set to feel better. You don't need to go to the State of the Union.

7:59 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Ben Dreyfuss

Yeah I mean look if your name is Joshua Trump this has probably been a rough couple of years

Daniel Dale

Trump SOTU guests include: family of couple killed by unauthorized immigrant; human trafficking investigator; survivors of Pittsburgh massacre; Alice Johnson; recovering opioid addict; re-hired sawmill employee; child cancer survivor; kid bullied for being named Joshua Trump.

5:15 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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David Roberts

"kid bullied for being named Joshua Trump."

How is this real life

Daniel Dale

Trump SOTU guests include: family of couple killed by unauthorized immigrant; human trafficking investigator; survivors of Pittsburgh massacre; Alice Johnson; recovering opioid addict; re-hired sawmill employee; child cancer survivor; kid bullied for being named Joshua Trump.

5:15 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Individual Juan
Poor Joshua Trump. What kind of low life would use a person's name to mock and bully them?

BTW, Joshua will be seated in the same row as Lyin' Ted, Little Marco, Cryin' Chuck, Crooked Hillary, and right next to Adam Schitt. #BeBest

6:45 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Adam Best

Feel bad for this Joshua Trump kid who got invited to the SOTU because he gets bullied due to his name, but it’s pathetic that the one time Trump (the biggest bully out there) cares about bullying it’s only because his last name is involved.

5:45 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Gary M. Sarli
"kid bullied for being named Joshua Trump"

At least he didn't have a President calling him Pocahontas.

Daniel Dale

Trump SOTU guests include: family of couple killed by unauthorized immigrant; human trafficking investigator; survivors of Pittsburgh massacre; Alice Johnson; recovering opioid addict; re-hired sawmill employee; child cancer survivor; kid bullied for being named Joshua Trump.

5:13 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Scott Dworkin

Melania and Donald are sadly using sixth grader Joshua Trump as a political prop. A sixth grader. And then they’re going to try and use him to stir controversy. And act like they did some bullying initiative they never did. They’ll use anyone to try and look good—new rock bottom.

8:54 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Bill Madden
I feel bad for Joshua Trump, in the same way I can't imagine an 11-year-old boy w/the last name Hitler. However, if Trump really wanted to make a statement about bullying, he could've invited a few of the thousands of children he ripped away from their parents and stuck in cages.

9:45 PM - Feb 4, 2019
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Idiots can't take responsibility that it is THEIR vile behavior towards this child and the unhinged hatred towards anything "trump" that h as caused him so much grief.

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