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Camp Weathervane: it's pneumonia.

Link coming soon.

Body language of those around Hillary.

Watch that video closely.

Hillary is actually leaning on the car barrier post.

There is a woman holding on to Hillary under her left arm.

Look at the video there is something light colored right above the barrier post. I thought it might be the woman's hand supporting her waist but her arm is under Hillarys arm.

Watch the bald SS guy walk up to Hillary to help her move. Someone in his ear sent him.

When Hillary is pulled forward from the post she wobbles and falls backwards slightly.

She takes a step off the curb and is literally out of it. The tops of her shoes drag across the pavement and one shoe is lost.

Note the Hillhag campaign workers attempting to screen the view of cameras.

Also note how there was no surprise at all... just "mee maw needs help again"...

I'd be lying if I denied being giddy right now... am I deplorable?

Thanks in advance!

I guarantee Clinton has a 24/7 Physician on staff.

And he/she travels with her.

Probably gave her an IV in the van and fentanyl in Chelsea apartment to be able to roll her outside.

The TWEET Trump needs to make NOW.

I and all here at the Trump campaign send our prayers for Hillary Clinton and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Election over. Clinton too frail to be POTUS.

There is no doubt now, the M$M can't hide it any more.

It's on video. Hillary is not well. Appears to faint.

Drop out now

Why does Khalid Sheik Muhammad still breath our air?

The US military took out their "spiritual leader" UBL but KSM is still being held at Gitmo.

Why does no administration have the balls to try this clown in a military court and hang him, by the neck... until dead?

KSM has spent 15 of his 52 years of life in prison.

Karl Rove (yeah, I know...) made a great point on TV last night.

I don't really like the guy for obvious reasons.. but he made a great point.

He said, debates are not won by being a wonk. No one will remember which candidate recited the GDP of Peru from memory or who used an eloquent quote from Ghandi.

Rove claims debates are won by likeability and a sense of humor.

After all... "there you go again" and a wry smile sent RR to the White House.

Trump is at ease in front of a camera, has a great sense of humor and is likeable.

Hillary has several items working against her.

One, Hillary has ZERO sense of humor. She can't even fake it. Remember "when I think of Trump I get allergic?"

Two, Hillary has two voices. The seldom used soft and gentle librarian voice and the more commonly used "nurse ratchet" voice.

Three, her eyes bulge when she gets heated up. It's kinda scary.

I reject your apology you nasty witch.

Go to hell, fuck yourself and try to avoid coughing up a hairball today.

The end.
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