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Likes rye bread and wry humor. Exodus 22:19. "Whoever lies with a beast shall be put to death!"

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It was somewhat genius that Trump used Solar for his 1st Tariff. Lefty has said for

years that our solar industry would replace carbon. Now Trump helps that industry, and lefty finds himself in a bind with the internationalists.

Lefties sue to prohibit Texas from record keeping on non-citizen voters.

Chutzpah comes to mind.

JUST as I feared, many D's are saying the Turtle promised to place a Sen Graham type

bill before the Senate, including citizenship for Daca, amnesty for millions more and no limits on chain migration. We'll see if they're just spinning soon enough.

Hispanic kicked off Ga. U soccer team for using "N" word in private Soc. Media.

Can U imagine what other athletes there have gotten away with Scott free? Actual crimes?

Oopsie. Fighting pollution may well increase global warming!

Is Scientific American a right wing group?

Horrors, an R ad said D's were complicit in illegals killing our citizens. PERHAPS

they should have shown innocent Americans being shoved off a cliff by D's? Or Atom Bombs obliterating flowers or children?

This Con worries that Schumer and McConnell colluded to help bring on Amnesty!

We'll have to await the details. They seemed to imply the 'bipartisan' agreement of 4 pro amnesty senators will be the lead bill.

Defend if you can, birthright citizenship for kids of tourists and illegals.

I had a wealthy ex sis in law who had her kid in America, though they lived in Greece, only to avoid the Greek mandatory military service.

Coincidence? I think not. Surely not yoga or the impending Page/Strzok nuptials.

The “missing” Strzok & Page FBI texts are from 12/14/16 til 5/17/17, a time period including:
— Presidential Transition
— Trump Dossier Published
— Strzok interview of Flynn
— Flynn Fired
— Comey Memos Written/Leaked
— Comey Fired
— Launch of Mueller Probe

On chain migration, Dems IGNORE that EVERY new immigrant under that policy was

previously, voluntarily ABANDONED by those through whom they seek to invoke the chain when they came here ALONE.
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