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Hometown: SW Ct
Member since: Tue Jun 21, 2016, 07:00 AM
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Likes rye bread and wry humor. Exodus 22:19. "Whoever lies with a beast shall be put to death!"

Journal Archives

Gorgie Stephanopolis dined with Epstein AFTER his conviction. Now he's an

independent debate moderator?

While economic gurus like AOC are pushing the fears of recession, the DOW is

about to hit all time highs? Even D's should be thankful that the phony recession talk by the D's and the complicit MSM has become a resounding failure.

Lefty, here's your big chance to talk about the important issues last night's debaters

chose to completely IGNORE! You can start with the Economy and late term abortion.

Texas voters will make it blue because they want:

How dumb was Kamala Harris last night? She began by saying she knew Trump WAS

watching, but ended by telling him to GO BACK to Fox News?? That was he claim to fame at this debate?

Fact, ONLY half the D SCOTUS members dissented from yesterday's landmark asylum


Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of lone, rogue District Court Judges from

hogtying our National gubmint.

The two most relevant quotes emanating from 9/11?

1. "Let's Roll"


2. "Some People did something."

It can be argued that Gender Studies Degrees are less valuable than the European

art and literature degrees intelligent women used to seek.

No more 'Gender Ideology' in Brazil's elementary schools. Great idea. It helps no one

except otherwise useless gender studies grads.
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