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Yep, sports figures are idols to kids...whether they like it or not...

Mom Sits Behind NFL Star on Plane. End of Flight Hands Him Note, Says ‘Read It Later’ and Walks Away

You hear all kinds of stories out there involving professional athletes neglecting or denying their potential as role models for youth. Not all of them embrace the idea that they have an influence on the children of today.

There was a case recently in which the actions of one NFL player on an airplane flight caught the attention of a nearby mom. She was sitting behind Mohamed Sanu, who is a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, and what he did caused her to take notice.

His actions on this flight weren’t anything out of the ordinary for him, but what he didn’t know was that he had an audience. A 10-year-old boy was observing the star athlete’s every move.

The nice thing is that Sanu was caught making a lot of responsible choices. For one thing, he was very studious in pouring over his team playbook.

Next, his politeness toward others was very impressive. Finally, he made healthy eating choices by snacking on fruit and drinking juice.

Actions speak louder than words, and this athlete’s actions spoke volumes. The young athlete watching him was deeply impressed, and even though Sanu didn’t notice the family behind him, they certainly noticed him.

It was something that the 10-year-old will always remember. The boy’s mom even took the extra step to make sure Sanu knew what his actions meant to her and her boy....
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