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Lefty says we're running out of time


That's the year Jehovah Witnesses said the world was going to end. My neighbor had a coin collection he inherited from his uncle. It contained many rare coins and he sold it in 1974 and used the money to have his mother's teeth fixed. He told me years after every time his mother smiled it broke his heart.

But 1975 wasn't the first time Jehovah Witnesses proclaimed the end of the world. The strategy was simple - scare people into joining their ranks with predictions of doom.

Global Warmers do the same thing. Their religion is not unlike the Jehovah Witnesses.

Now that the new standard for men is guilty of rape of a white woman until proven innocent

How will this play out on black men?

So much for the prince getting confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice

Should the prince have asked Snow White for that kiss? Kristen Bell thinks so

Warren says she told schools of heritage

Acknowledges identifying as Native American after hirings

No way. I'm sure they just dreamed it up that she was a Cherokee.


They figured it out since she has high cheekbones.

This week 46 years ago, Congressman Thomas 'Hale' Boggs Sr. disappeared in Alaska when

the twin engine plane he was on went missing.

A representative of the second congressional district, and Majority Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, Hale was the 3rd most powerful man in that body, and was considered by many to be LBJ's "man-in-the-House." Among the people who financed Bogg’s ascension onto Capital Hill was Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, a man who once boldly said of JFK, “Yeah, I killed the sonofabitch. My only regret was I didn’t do it with my own hands.”

Boggs was a member of the Warren Commission in November, 1963, the body of hand-picked men LBJ appointed to cover up………er…..investigate the assassination of JFK. No trace of the aircraft was ever found.

His widow, Corrine Morrison 'Lindy' Claiborne, who was related to Louisiana’s first American governor William Charles Cole Claiborne as a descendant of Claiborne's brother, Ferdinand Leigh Claiborne, replaced her husband in the House of Representatives. Lindy was the mother of Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne ‘”Cokie” Boggs Roberts, the popular media figure.

The search for Boggs missing plane led to mandatory regulations requiring the placement of electronic emergency locator transmitters on board all civil aircraft, automatically activated from the impact of a crash.

For more:

Which ancestors of Elizabeth Ann Herring Warren lived in tepees?

The Bowens from West Virginia,? Gormans from Missouri?, Moores and Smiths from Virginia?, Reeds from Ohio?, Jones and Youngs from Maryland?, the Kerrs and Crawfords from Tennessee?, Summers, Marsh, Matthews and Smiths from North Carolina?, the Reeds, Nails and Bells from New Jersey?, Scharans from Switzerland?, or Herrings from Cornwall, England?

Asking for a friend.

Hyatt to conservatives: You are not welcome here


Who were the first Americans?

We keep learning the same lesson again and again

The death toll for Michael keeps rising. My question is why do people not listen to evacuation orders?

The 1900 Galveston death toll estimates range from 6,000 to 12,000, but that was in a time before satellites and the technology to predict landfall locations days out.

I was young when Hurricane Betsy hit New Orleans in 1965. Betsy was in no way a worst case scenario, but it did a lot of flooding damage. I witnessed the devastation first-hand from Camille in 1969 which hit the Mississippi coast. My best friend’s father’s house at Pass Christian was wiped away. Not even the slab, which contained pilings that ran inside the two story walls, remained. The storm surge was catastrophic. So when Katrina approached I evacuated my family. For years prior to Katrina, I kept thinking to myself that many people were too young to experience the wrath of a serious storm personally. I watched many storms head our way, then veer off at the last minute. I told people we were primed for a major disaster because people had become complacent from so many false alarms. I think this is what Mayor Ray Nagin had in mind when he did not act to send out an alarm until it was too late to evacuate.

Even my wife called me “paranoid” about hurricanes. It wasn’t the wind that I feared most, it was the water and that is what killed over a thousand people during Katrina. Just a week before Katrina hit, a local talk radio host, Garland Robinette, devoted his whole show to evacuating for hurricanes. I still remember his words, “When you are sitting on your roof waiting for somebody to come rescue you and wondering where they are, DON’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED.” I called in and emphasized how New Orleans was below sea level. I told Garland, “It just depends on how lucky you feel as far as evacuation is concerned." For over a thousand people, their luck ended when the levees broke. Thousands more DROVE THEIR CARS to the Superdome, a place the Red Cross advised to not use, but city officials ignored the warning.

It’s not 1900 anymore. We have satellites, the Weather Channel, and tons of weathermen on TV and radio, not to mention the internet, preaching and BEGGING people to evacuate. Yet, people stayed for the recent hurricane that made landfall at Wilmington, North Carolina and Michael. The people in North Carolina were lucky. A high pressure system in the east knocked that hurricane down to a whimper. The people in Florida were not so lucky. Michael strengthened as it got closer to landfall.

As I’m watching video of the destruction in Florida and hearing how many died, the question keeps rolling around in my head, why do people not listen to evacuation orders?
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