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Do the Bidens have a right to be corrupt and take hundreds of millions from the Ukraine?

Adam Schiff-for-Brains and Blinky think so.

It would be nice if the low-life democrats would allow this man to answer a question

Gee Donnie, don't hold back

Tell us how you feel!

Our corrupt politicians


My cat just caught a butterfly and I realized something

Cats are not content to simply kill something, they have to play with it and torture it until the poor thing just wants to die.

Cats are like liberals.

I gotta know

Who's gonna drive ya home tonight?

I fell in love with this lovely least for awhile

September 11

A day for all anti-Americans, including the ones in this forum, to secretly celebrate

Want a Popeyes chicken sandwich?

Easy, just win the Little League World Series

Democratic governor John Bell Edwards invited the East Bank Jefferson Parish Little League team to the Louisiana Governor's Mansion, where the tykes were fed Popeyes chicken sandwiches. . . .you know, the ones that have been sold out for weeks.

More proof that we live in a two-tiered system here in the United States. A liberal politician can get his hands on the sold out sandwiches while we peon's must suffer with Chick-fil-A.


Or just plain incompetant?“that-cant-happen”/ar-AAH4TiG?ocid=spartandhp
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