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They did it again

Local TV in New Orleans is reporting that Dorian has been declared making landfall at Cape Hatteras

Charlotte, North Carolina TV just reported the CENTER of the eye must make landfall in order to qualify as officially becoming a landfall hurricane.

Just like the storm in the Gulf recently, which they reported became a hurricane for 15 minutes before reporting it was not a hurricane, the NWS is fudging the statistics

American Airlines mechanic 'sabotaged a Florida plane with 150 passengers on board by stopping the

automatic piloting system over union dispute

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani is accused of sabotaging a plane in Florida
• He allegedly glued foam inside a tube to stop the aircraft's navigation system
• This would have forced the pilot to fly manually with data from the plane
• An alert was triggered as the pilot started engines and the sabotage discovered
• Alani allegedly did it to get overtime after stalled contract negotiations
• He will appear before Miami Federal Court on Friday

The United Nations has pledged one million dollars in disaster aid to the Bahamas

One million dollars? The UNITED NATIONS?

What a bunch of cheapskates!

Iranian Piracy and Terror

On Friday, in the Straits of Hormuz, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard seized the Stena Impero, a British flagged oil tanker as well as a second tanker that was later released. Charts have shown that the ship was undoubtedly in Omani waters, making the seizure by Iranian forces a clear violation of international law. Iran’s seizure and detention of the ship and crew is just another addition to the long list of belligerent actions by the regime in Tehran which has shown a blatant disregard for international laws and norms.

At Christians United for Israel (CUFI), we have repeatedly raised the issue of Iranian aggression and state sponsorship of terror. We opposed the Iran deal because there is nothing in this regime’s behavior that gives grounds for any trust or confidence and nothing in the deal that would make it truly enforceable. When a regime continues to bankroll terrorists as a matter of consistent policy, can we take their word when they claim that they will not pursue the world’s deadliest weapon?

In the last week, we marked 25 years since the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina — the deadliest terror attack on that nation’s soil – where 85 people were killed and hundreds injured. Evidence suggests that Hezbollah carried out the attack on the orders of Iran.

25 years since, we have seen and continue to see Iran’s leaders continue to use barefaced aggression and bullying tactics to blackmail the international community. Presently, the focal point of this aggression is the Straits of Hormuz: the narrow strait, just 21 nautical miles in width, provides the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean, an advantage Iran is exploiting. Last month, a US Naval drone was shot down over the Straits by Iran, and after the seizure of the tankers in Omani waters, all vessels traversing the Strait are now under threat from Iranian forces.

As British leaders meet to prepare a response to the crisis, intelligence sources have warned that Iran-backed terrorist cells could be deployed to launch attacks in the UK if the crisis between London and Tehran worsens. Iran’s close embrace of terror groups was further highlighted on Sunday as Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri was in Tehran meeting the leadership of the regime. During his visit, he told the state news agency that Iran and Hamas are on “the same path” in opposing Israel.

Finally, the regime in Tehran announced on Monday that it had detained 17 Iranian citizens accused of acting as spies for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a claim that President Trump dismissed as “Totally False.” With Iran’s draconian laws and disregard for human rights, it is expected that what seems to be purely a propaganda stunt by the regime will lead to the suffering and possible execution of some of the accused.

Iran continues to spread its tentacles of terror in the region and beyond, and day-by-day becomes more emboldened in its actions. It remains no secret that Israel remains Iran’s primary target in the region, but the Islamic Republic’s hatred for the United States is no less bitter, as recent events demonstrate.

When your right to buy a chicken sandwich is denied

Robbers stormed a Popeyes in Houston demanding chicken sandwiches at gunpoint after being told the location was sold out

• A group of armed robbers attempted to enter a Houston Popeyes to demand chicken sandwiches at gunpoint after being told the location was sold out, KTRK-TV in Houston reported.
• An employee was able to lock the doors before the group, which reportedly included two women and three men, was able to get inside. There were no injuries and Houston police are searching for the suspects.
Popeyes pandemonium reached new extremes on Monday night, when a group of people at a Houston restaurant location demanded the popular chicken sandwiches at gunpoint.

According to a local Houston ABC affiliate, two women and three men came into the Popeyes carrying at least one gun after they were told the sandwiches were sold out at the drive-thru window. An employee locked the door before the group entered the restaurant, KTKR-TV reported.
Employees on the scene said the group appeared solely interested in acquiring the sandwiches, and had also left a baby behind inside a nearby vehicle. There were no injuries and Houston police are currently looking for the suspects.

Popeyes told Business Insider last week that it sold through its allocation of chicken sandwiches expected to last until the end of September in just two weeks. On August 27, the company shared its sandwich shortage with the public on Twitter, writing "We love that you love The Sandwich. Unfortunately we're sold out (for now.)"
"The demand for the new chicken sandwich in the first few weeks following launch far exceeded our very optimistic expectations," the company told Business Insider. "In fact, Popeyes aggressively forecasted demand through the end of September and has already sold through that inventory."
The massive demand for the sandwiches has greatly overwhelmed Popeyes employees, several of which shared tales of long hours with no breaks with Business Insider.

"Everyone wanted to quit so bad because it was that bad," a Popeyes crew member in Orange County said. "We have never seen it get this insanely busy."

The death toll in the Bahamas is going to be staggering

How do I know? Think about it. Entire Islands are flooded with 6, 8 and 10 feet of water for over 24 hours.

Forget the damage. What significance is damage when there are no people to inhabit the place?

Is Hydrogen viable for mass transportation?

Possibly, but all is not milk and honey in Hydrogen-Land. Here is an article unlike we are used to seeing in this forum:

Hydrogen trains in the UK? ‘Ambitious’ doesn’t even cover it

Hydrogen powered transport has been kicking around for some time now, and in the automotive industry, major players are investing in green technology. But hydrogen-powered trains on the British railways? I’ll believe that when I see it!

This week, details surfaced about a project in the UK called Hydroflex. It was showcased at an event in the West Midlands and is born out of a partnership between rail rolling stock company, Porterbrook, and Birmingham University’s Center for Railway Research. The idea is to create zero-emissions hydrogen-powered passenger trains to replace the current line-up of diesel trains that run up and down the country today.
The benefits are obvious. Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, which powers the motor, and water, which is released as vapor. That’s a major improvement on say, a diesel engine which emits carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, all of which are pollutants and major reasons why our planet is dying.

The Hydroflex tester train is aiming to become the first-ever hydrogen-powered train in the UK when it begins testing on the mainline in March 2020. Only two other active services exist in the world, both in Germany. The French train manufacturer behind the trains, Alstom, argues that the rail industry needs to get greener. But is this really the way to go? I’m not so sure.

The problem with hydrogen fuel cells

There’s a bit of an arms race going on in the electric mobility industry right now. Two emerging technologies are being developed, and the question as to whether there is room for both to flourish is increasingly being asked. Battery versus hydrogen fuel cell, these are the two green technologies fighting to power us from A to B. But which is Betamax and which is VHS?

The argument goes back and forth. For now, it seems to me that those using lithium-ion batteries are leading race. Companies like Tesla have reached worldwide fame and become status symbols for the wealthy. In Europe, manufacturers like BMW and Volkswagen are pouring cash into this technology, and see it as the future of their products. However, criticisms about how green battery-powered vehicles remain. Concerns over the resources required to make the batteries, and the disposal of those that are dead, continue to linger.
Hydrogen fuel cells, on the other hand, are being backed by fewer major automotive companies, but money is still pouring in. The Hyundai Motor Group is perhaps one of the strongest proponents of hydrogen power, pumping in around $7 billion in research and development already as well as building new factories. The Achilles heel of hydrogen fuel cells is still safety. Just earlier this month, a hydrogen refueling station in Norway exploded putting two people in hospital.

The problem with the British rail network

If we go back to Alstom, the only company to have gotten hydrogen-powered trains up and running, and this idea that getting people to switch from car to train is a key part of making green train travel a reality. I can tell you now, that is not going to be easy in the UK.

Since the privatization of British Rail in the 1990s, trust in the nation’s rail network has rock-bottomed. The fragmented network is now run, for profit, by different private companies in different regions. It’s the same old story. Fares increase whilst service declines.

A European Railway Performance Index published in 2017 placed Great Britain behind Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Sweden and France in the performance of its railway systems. Less than 40% of the network was electrified in January 2018 (more than 60% of the network in Poland is, for comparison). In 2015, the UK has around six times fewer km of track dedicated to high-speed travel than Germany, 10 times fewer than France, 15 times fewer than Spain.

I would rather see the money spent on a future-proof high-speed maglev network.
Put simple, Brits do not trust the train network. Christian Wolmar, a train historian, told the Financial Times in 2018: “It’s very hard for people to travel around and not suffer from the cracks in the system. It’s everything, from knowing who to buy a ticket from to the signaling failure that delays the train to the lack of information when your train is canceled.”

Then there is the issue of size. The Victorians in England were well-ahead of other parts of Europe then they built the first rail networks, but they built them small. According to Mike Muldoon of Alstom, getting hydrogen tanks that can last a full day on trains small enough to run on the network is a challenge.

So there are big hurdles to get over if we are going to see hydrogen-powered passenger trains running in the UK in the coming years. I hope it happens, but I remain skeptical. To go from the current situation to delivering a fancy new hydrogen-powered train network seems like a bit of leap to me. You should learn to run before you can walk, as they say…

This must never happen again

Clearly, boat confiscation is in order

California boat fire: 4 dead, 30 missing as massive search continues

Coast Guard officials said four bodies have been recovered and 30 people are still missing after a 75-foot commercial diving boat caught fire near the shore line of Santa Cruz Island, Calif., early Monday.
Many aboard the boat, identified as the Conception, were believed to be sleeping below deck when the fire broke out in the pre-dawn hours. Authorities continued their search Monday for possible survivors.
Five crew members were already awake and jumped off the boat, which was 20 yards off shore of the north side of Santa Cruz Island near the Ventura County coast, according to U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Monica Rochester.
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s coroner office is preparing for a mass casualty incident, said Erik Raney, public information officer with the coroner’s office.

The Great Solar Storm of 1859

On September 2, 1859, a massive solar storm composed of subatomic charged particles slammed into the earth’s protective magnetosphere. It ignited countless fires and caused sparks to spew from telegraph machines, shocking their operators. It also created a dramatic show of aurora borealis, or northern lights, as far south as the Caribbean. Solar storms occur when enormous bubbles of superheated plasma are periodically ejected from the sun. Scientists believe that if a similar solar storm were to happen today, it would cause catastrophic damage by crippling power grids, satellites, GPS, and communications systems. Such an event could leave North American without power for months or years and could carry an economic impact as high as $2 trillion.

While conducting observations from his private observatory outside of London on the morning of September 1, 1859, British amateur astronomer Richard Carrington noticed patches of intense white light erupt from the sun. The eruptions lasted about five minutes before dissipating. Little did Carrington know the flare he observed sent solar wind shock waves carrying supercharged plasma racing towards the earth. Hours later, those particles slammed into the earth’s magnetic shield, creating auroral flashes and clouds in vivid colors of red, violet, pink, and green. This single solar storm carried the energy equivalent of 10 billion atomic bombs and is known as the Carrington Event.

The colorful auroras of the Carrington Event were so bright that even in the middle of the night, birds began to chirp and California Gold Rush miners woke up to prepare breakfast. People in Missouri could read without any light source after midnight, and some assumed a great fire was burning on the horizon. Telegraph lines across the country experienced “one of the most startling as well as singular electrical phenomena,” when “a superabundance of electricity in the air” allowed telegraph machines to work without the aid of batteries. The Washington Star reported, “A series of currents of electricity, entirely independent of batteries, seem to have taken possession of the wires, and to such an extent that the National Telegraph was actually enabled to send messages from New York to Pittsburg, (Penn.) correctly.”

Our sun operates on solar cycles that last an average of 11 years. The Carrington Event occurred during Solar Cycle 10, which lasted from December 1855 until March 1867. Solar Cycle 24 began in December 2008 and is just wrapping up. The current forecast predicts Solar Cycle 25 will be relatively weak.
Will a future solar cycle bring a repeat of the Carrington Event? Scientists say it’s not only possible but inevitable. According to a 2008 report from the National Academy of Sciences, a similar-sized solar storm would include, “disruption of the transportation, communication, banking and finance systems, and government services; the breakdown of distribution of potable water owing to pump failure, and the loss of perishable foods and medications because of the lack of refrigeration.” Researchers studying evidence of historic solar storms say a large solar storm “would be a threat to modern society.”

Russia Helped Hillary, Not Trump in 2016 Presidential Election

As we all suffer through the propaganda permeating the media about how Russia “hacked” the election to help elect President Donald J. Trump, we at YourNewsWire have examined the facts of the matter. And all the evidence implies that Russian “dirt” was actually helping out the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign.
For starters, the irony in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, not Donald Trump’s, being the one who shared dirt allegedly from the Kremlin and other Russian sources, with American journalists to publish is remarkable.
And, awareness of this activity doesn’t require you to spin conspiracy theories about what may or may not have been said during some seemingly innocuous conversation. In this case, you have open admissions about how these Russian/Kremlin claims were used.

Remember Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee’s, opening statement at last week’s public hearing on so-called “Russia-gate?” Schiff’s seamless 15-minute narrative of the Trump campaign’s alleged collaboration with Russia followed the script prepared by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele who was hired as an opposition researcher by Hillary last June to dig up derogatory information on Donald Trump.
Steele, who had worked for Britain’s MI-6 in Russia, said he tapped into ex-colleagues and unnamed sources inside Russia, including leadership figures in the Kremlin, to piece together a series of sensational reports that became the basis of the current congressional and FBI investigations into Trump’s alleged ties to Moscow.
Since he was not able to go to Russia himself, Steele based his reports mostly on multiple hearsay from anonymous Russians who claim to have heard some information from their government contacts before passing it on to Steele’s associates who then gave it to Steele who compiled this mix of rumors and alleged inside dope into “raw” intelligence reports.

Lewd Allegations
Besides the anonymous sourcing and the sources’ financial incentives to dig up dirt, Steele’s reports had numerous other problems, including the inability of a variety of investigators to confirm key elements, such as the salacious claim that several years ago Russian intelligence operatives secretly videotaped Trump having prostitutes urinate on him while he lay in the same bed in Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton used by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
That tantalizing tidbit was included in Steele’s opening report to his new clients, dated June 20, 2016. Apparently, it proved irresistible in whetting the appetite of Clinton’s mysterious benefactors who were financing Steele’s dirt digging and who have kept their identities (and the amounts paid) hidden. Also in that first report were the basic outlines of what has become the scandal that is now threatening the survival of Trump’s embattled presidency.

But Steele’s June report also reflected the telephone-tag aspects of these allegations: “Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively, the Russian authorities had been cultivating and supporting US Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least 5 years.
“Source B asserted that the TRUMP operation was both supported and directed by Russian President Vladimir PUTIN. Its aim was to sow discord and disunity both within the US itself, but more especially within the Transatlantic alliance which was viewed as inimical to Russia’s interests. … In terms of specifics, Source A confided that the Kremlin had been feeding TRUMP and his team valuable intelligence on his opponents, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, for several years. …
“The Kremlin’s cultivation operation on TRUMP also had comprised offering him various lucrative real estate development business deals in Russia, especially in relation to the ongoing 2018 World Cup soccer tournament. However, so far, for reasons unknown, TRUMP had not taken up any of these.”
Besides the anonymous and hearsay quality of the allegations, there are obvious logical problems, especially the point that five years ago, you could have gotten astronomical odds about Trump’s chances to win the U.S. presidency, although perhaps there is more an astrological explanation. Maybe the seemingly logical Putin went to some stargazing soothsayer to see the future.
There also may have been a more mundane reason why Trump’s hotel deal fell through. A source familiar with those negotiations told me that Trump had hoped to get a half interest in the $2 billion project but that Russian-Israeli investor Mikhail Fridman, a founder of Russia’s Alfa Bank, balked because Trump was unwilling to commit a significant investment beyond the branding value of the Trump name.
Yet, one would assume that if the supposedly all-powerful Putin wanted to give a $1 billion or so payoff to his golden boy, Donald Trump, whom Putin just knew would become President in five years, the deal would have happened.

Whetting the Appetite
Despite the dubious quality of Steele’s second- and third-hand information, the June report appears to have won the breathless attention of Team Clinton. And once the bait was taken, Steele continued to produce his conspiracy-laden reports, totaling at least 17 through Dec. 13, 2016.
The reports not only captivated the Clinton political operatives but influenced the assessments of Obama’s appointees in the U.S. intelligence community. In the last weeks of the Obama administration, I was told that the outgoing intelligence chiefs had found no evidence to verify Steele’s claims but nevertheless believed them to be true.
Still, a careful analysis of Steele’s reports would have discovered not only apparent factual inaccuracies, such as putting Trump lawyer Michael Cohen at a meeting with a Russian official in Prague (when Cohen says he’s never been to Prague), but also the sort of broad conspiracy-mongering that the mainstream U.S. news media usually loves to ridicule.
For instance, Steele’s reports pin a range of U.S. political attitudes on Russian manipulation rather than the notion that Americans can reach reasonable conclusions on their own. In one report dated Sept. 14, 2016, Steele claimed that an unnamed senior official in President Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Administration (or PA) explained how Putin used the alleged Russian influence operation to generate opposition to Obama’s Pacific trade deals.

Steele wrote that Putin’s intention was “pushing candidate CLINTON away from President OBAMA’s policies. The best example of this was that both candidates now openly opposed the draft trade agreements, TPP and TTIP, which were assessed by Moscow as detrimental to Russian interests.”
In other words, the Russians supposedly intervened in the U.S. presidential campaign to turn the leading candidates against Obama’s trade deals. But how credible is that? Are we to believe that American politicians – running the gamut from Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren through former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to President Donald Trump – have all been tricked by the Kremlin to oppose those controversial trade deals, which are also broadly unpopular with the American people who are sick and tired of trade agreements that cost them jobs?
Steele’s investigative dossier suggests that we can’t really think for ourselves. We are all Putin’s puppets.
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