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Red China? Try Orange

Sky turns orange in Chinese town after cold winds carry dust in air

Venezuela's Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists Say

When this country recovers, they are not going to want to hear the word socialism

A change of heart?

Iran dismisses possibility of conflict, says does not want war

A couple of carrier task forces at your doorstep can do that, ya no.

They sure had a chilling effect on Kimmy.

Soccar is a pain in the ass to watch

The players spend 80 minutes rolling around on the ground grabbing their fake injuries

I prefer rugby where the players spend 80 minutes pretending they are NOT hurt as opposed to 80 minutes pretending they ARE hurt.

Clearly a violation of the man's civil rights

Judge confirms Trump associate gave feds Osama bin Laden’s number

Oh oh, what did Trump do good this time?

The website is slow

Here ya go SatanSon and ColdWarrior, ya boy

Iran Breaches the Nuclear Deal and UN Resolutions for Third Time

UN says Iran is violating nuclear deal

Iran says military sites are off-limits for nuclear inspections despite U.S. pressure
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