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It's getting rough out there. Two Saudi sailors dead

What religion did you say Obama is a member of again?

Don't worry Libs, the Muslim ban is just a stop-gap measure

There are already plenty of terrorists in this country, funneled in by Obama, who worked hard to get as many into the country as he could before he left office.

Now that they can't come in anymore, they are free to enact their plans.

Be patient.

Why are republicans so dumb?

If republicans want to get rid of Obamacare all they have to do is repeal the individual mandate.

If people aren't forced to sign up or pay a fine, it will die on the vine.

I love how liberals were too scared to enact the corporate mandate.

You think illegals don't get welfare?

Did you know?

In 2013, the United States gave Mexico $51.5 million in foreign aid. Of that amount, $24.8 million, the largest segment, was designated for democracy, human rights and governance. The next largest amount, $10.9 million, was designated for the environment, and $8.4 million was designated for economic development.

Mexico WILL pay for the wall.

He He He....Mexico says they will NOT pay for the wall

I guess they no longer want to import their goods to this country

I hope they stay there

Protesters with the environmental group Greenpeace are slowly descending from a construction crane near the White House where they unfurled a massive banner with the word "RESIST."

A District of Columbia police spokeswoman says the seven people who climbed the 270-foot crane will be arrested when they get to the ground. Police will consult with prosecutors on charges.

Greenpeace says the activists are protesting President Donald Trump's agenda, particularly his push to restart two major pipeline projects.

For several hours on Wednesday, the banner they unfurled could be seen from the White House, and from farther away, appeared to hang above the presidential residence.

Please, please, PLEASE stay there.......even after the workers go to work.

Stock market hit 20,000 today for the first time

Just the beginning of the Trump era

Businesses are going to start spending that money they have been holding onto if taxes go down and over regulation is eliminated.

I love all these global warming experts in the forum

They regurgitate everything they read, yet can't answer simple, basic questions on weather science.
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