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Damn global warming

And before you start in with your climate vs science stuff, I get equally tired hearing about "the warmest year on record" crap (especially when you are using VERY inaccurate data)

Police called in after cat in tree appeared to be holding an assult weapon

Police were called to the scene of Garfield, a 7 pound cat who had strategically located high in a tree with a good view of the neighborhood. Some of the locals were concerned that Garfield might open fire on unsuspecting residents as he was holding what appeared to be an AK-47.

A background check revealed the cat did indeed have a previous record. Although Garfield's kitten record cannot be released, he did have a prior adult arrest for clawing the neighbor's dog in an altercation last summer. The alleged victim, Lassie, had no comment for the media at this time. Lassie's owner, however, Timmy, was able to confirm that Garfield had exhibited somewhat of an attitude toward Lassie for quite some time.

"He has an attitude toward everybody and everything," his cousin, Tom Cat, emphasized. "But I don't think he would ever shoot anybody. I mean, he's just normally grumpy and indifferent."

Garfield was released by the police into the custody of his cousin with a verbal warning.

Now THIS is funny!

Nancy Pelosi gives Trump and "F" for draining the swamp

Nancy, you ARE the swamp.

Hi neighbor

Good to see you again.

So pretty

Obama, Schumer And Clinton Voted For A US-Mexico Border Wall In 2006

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 was a bill providing for the construction of 700 miles of double-fencing along the US-Mexico border – and Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton all put their hands up and voted ‘yea.’ (Chuck Schumer also)
Having voted in favor of passing the bill, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were all in agreement with President Bush.
Ten years later, this may be hard to believe. But the truth is the three senior Democrats were once in favor of Donald Trump’s controversial plan. Considering they have flip flopped on the election campaign’s most contentious issue, can the moral indignation they have directed at Trump really be taken seriously?

Correct me if I'm wrong but

Weren't we promised by Lefty that Trump would be indicted by the end of the week?

Just a taste of what things could be

Only lasting a few hours, San Francisco got to experience a taste of what it is like without electricity.

People that live along the Gulf Coast know what it is like to be without power for a week or two after hurricanes.

It's not fun.

Will the anarchist website Antifa start selling U-Lock bicycle locks now?

They seem to work even better than knives.


In the wake of an anti-censorship rally in Berkeley, California that saw over 20 arrested Saturday, sleuths have watched event videos and picked out an anarcho-communist college professor named Eric Clanton as their prime suspect in multiple murder attempts at the event. Clanton is listed on faculty in the philosophy department of Diablo Valley College. The evidence at this point is compelling and circumstantial.

Outraged accusers have vandalized the 28-year-old’s profile on, and at least one claims to have hacked Clanton’s profile and made purchases under his name.

One masked black bloc terrorist was photographed several times taking swings at attendees—at 15 seconds into this video striking the head of an unsuspecting man in a red shirt; at the two-minute mark in this video attacking a man with a blue helmet, and then another with a black shield; and at the 10-second mark in this video swinging at a green-helmeted man and later fracturing the military-style helmet of another. “Bike lock man” smacks others in this video from LiveLeak, and at 1:22 his mask comes off.

Analysis of photographs led readers of the 8chan and 4chan image boards to conclude that Clanton was the attacker, based on reviews of the academic’s fashion choices, facial structure, as well as his ideological leanings. Clanton’s Facebook and Twitter pages appear to have been deleted in the wake of his coming under suspicion. Early this morning, San Francisco State University deleted an alumnus page for Clanton, and tells that “Eric Clanton is not an employee of the University.”

A syllabus on Clanton’s website, however, documents his role teaching at San Francisco State as recently as fall 2014, leading an “introduction to critical thinking” course, where his job was to help students reach “well-supported factual or judgmental conclusions.”

Clanton’s profile on a dating website names, among the “things I could never do without,” his bike, a “pen (Stolen zebras are my taste)” and “a sturdy pair of shoes.” The bike lock suspect was wearing very similar shoes as Clanton was on his dating profile, similar sunglasses, and had a pen, possibly from Zebra, in his back pocket.

Channers, as browsers of the 8chan and 4chan are known, also compared the muscle structures in the forearms of the bike lock attacker and Clanton, and found similarities.
Last summer, Clanton contributed to the left-leaning publication Counterpunch, where he defended Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of murdering a Philadelphia police officer 30 years ago.
In a March 2016 college lecture at Fort Lewis College, a taxpayer-funded institution, Professor Clanton defended theft to students—deeming property law “problematic,” further elaborating that shoplifting may be a political act. Like many in the larger antifascist community, Clanton supports “restorative justice,” which burdens victims of crimes as well as their families.

Clanton’s account with Web discovery engine StumbleUpon documents the feminist academic’s interests in illicit drug markets, dreary regurgitation of John Oliver talking points by current Vox Media staff, the works of anarchist Emma Goldman; as well as indulgence of controlled demolition 9/11 theories.
You won’t hear this stuff from the lying mainstream media. Keep the GotNews mission alive: donate at or send tips to If you’d like to join our research team, contact

In the acknowledgements of his 2015 San Francisco State master’s thesis, Clanton thanked “philosophical comrade” Sam Badger, a former teaching assistant at the university, and a contributor to leftist publications The Nation and The Huffington Post.

Frequent instances of violence this year by communist terrorists in Berkeley have observers from all sides of the political spectrum asking when local police will step in to prevent more people from getting hurt. And, in the run-up to polemicist Ann Coulter’s planned speech next week on the University of California, Berkeley campus, it’s unlikely that question is going anywhere.

Stay tuned for more.
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