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The infobabe on Face the Nation had Scott Walker on for an interview on healthcare

A typical leftist question:

"Will your proposal include coverage for maternity care?"


When have republicans opposed insurance coverage for maternity care?

What Obamacare does is force all participants to pay for maternity care, regardless of age. Requirements like this and other mandatory coverages drove up the cost of health insurance. My brother and his wife are both over 65, yet they were forced to pay for maternity care, among other forced coverages.

But this is what Lefty does. They ask stupid questions that make people say, hey, I didn't know republicans were opposed to maternity coverage...….. It is dishonest.

LETTER: Don't be fooled by global warming conspiracy

According to the spaced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Earth will be burned up in twelve years. What kind of scientific education and experience credentials (as a waiter) does she have to qualify her to make such a prediction?

A few decades ago they told us the Earth was going to burn up by the year 2000. When I was in school they said we were heading into an ice age. My son said his science class was still predicting an ice age.
There will always be doomsday sayers. I remember the Y2K scare -- we couldn't buy food or gasoline, our water wouldn't run, our power would go out and we couldn't get our money out of the banks. The most recent obvious hoax was the Nibiru scare the world was going to end in September 2017. In the past I have received many email hoaxes from well-meaning friends. They told us the oceans are going to rise… but it isn't happening and the list goes on. The doomsday sayers can be proven wrong over and over again yet so many still believe.

I could better believe this global warming conspiracy theory if the ones behind it weren’t getting rich from it; that presents a major conflict of interest. We didn't seem to have much of problem of global warming the winter before this one. Most political leaders are compulsive, pathological, chronic and habitual liars yet so many falls for their lies. There's an old saying "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."
Victor Flood, Gays

Final moments of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max revealed

Pilot recorded saying 'pitch up, pitch up'

Chalk up another failure of “Fly by wire.”

Making “pilots” out of computer programmers is not a good idea.
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