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Number of posts: 7,387

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Truck Driver American Indian Old enough to know better but yet to young to resist Married with 4 daughters

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Drunken Dreamer kills 73 year old man,

Alaskas Governor race

MAGA Voter

Alaska Governor:

Dunleavy (R) 43% (+16)
Walker (I-inc) 27%
Begich (D) 26%

Alaska Survey Research 10/12-14
2:39 PM - Oct 17, 2018

Keith Ellison says he is the victim of abuse, LMAO

Two GOP Candidates assaulted in Minnesota,

Honduras begs Caravan to turn back,

If polls are to be believed McSally takes a 4 point lead

The last time I seen a poll for her she was down by 7, and if true she has gained 11%.

Lies about warrens Dna Test, why lie lefty it all comes out in the end

I just had my wife order 40 of these new Tshirts

Will Clinton run again if Biden decides not to?

Why will Democrats lose the Midterms, no polls just honest answers

Democrats have lost the heart of America, and their 2018 election strategy is only make it worse. You can not win when all you do is complain about everything under the sun.
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