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Truck Driver American Indian Old enough to know better but yet to young to resist Married with 4 daughters

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ESPN warns their employees

Trey Gowdy predicts McCabe gone by next week,

Jingle bells is racist

Dem Senator now admits to slapping his wife
I think he should be made to resign.

2nd woman accuses Dem Rep Kihuen
Sounds like he is guilty

Did this man just admit to voter fraud in Alabama?
Sure looks like it.

Why do these Congressmen remain in office?
I say step down now, enough is enough and they need to do the right thing.

Could Schumer be next? Maybe
Even though he says he is the target I have my doubts, shifty eyes and all that stuff.

It seems the rightous Gillibrand has taken money from old weinerstein

Warrens CFPB could have falsified documents according to a whistle blower
But according to the whistle blower they did falsify documents, this one may get very interesting.
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