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Is Fred Sanford a veteran?

My predictions have been saved for years. As you can see

Think about that.

Yet a mere 2 links where I'm wrong.


Think about that.

Tip folks. TIP

Prostituition should be legal

Sex is legal.

Selling is legal.

Why isn't selling sex legal?

I'd rather have Trump over Pence

Trump is a wack job.

Pence is a religious wack job. That's worse.

Work - lose - golf - repeat. Trump's week.

Trump keeps losing

I don't mind him at all

Happy loser Memorial Day

The GOP has the Presidency, Senate and Congress

Poster Deplorable says - "Our Governemt is worthless. Shut it down".

To all who believed Trump....

....when he said he'd make Mexico pay for his wall - he's now ready to shut down the US Government if Congress won't fund it.

So long Billy O. I called it

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