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Dorian goes on and on

MSNBC had yet another segment on how Trump's Dorian tweet (danger to Alabama) has destroyed the NWS morale.

Trump was wrong he made a mistake. He's gonna make many more.

But if our progressive friends would be kind enough to enlighten me as to why this story is so important? I don't get it at all. People seem to be in heaven, cause Trump guessed wrong about Alabama.

OTC meds childproof containers

As my wife and I get older, it's becoming more and more difficult to open OTC med bottles. We were able to switch our prescription meds to non-childproof bottles.

Anyone know how to get such easy open bottles in OTC meds?

FFS, Let it go already (Dorian)

The president, the Alabama National Guard, meteorologist on CNN, MSNBC anchor, and my wife were all wrong Dorian did not hit/threaten Alabama, it turned away.

MSNBC is reporting the NOAA IG is investigating Trump's tweet to determine if it violated NOAA procedures on weather forecasting.

Now you can't even speculate on the weather.


6 MS-13 gang members, illegal immigrants involved in deadly Maryland stabbing, ICE says

Just more Trump Lies. No bad hombres crossing our borders. MS-13 is a gang started in the U.S. by U.S.citizens CNN told me so. I just don't see how any rational caring person can support open borders.

From Fox News:

Six of the seven people charged in the stabbing death of a man in Maryland in July have been identified by federal officials as being part of the MS-13 gang and in the country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Baltimore County Police Department announced Tuesday that seven suspects, including a 16-year-old charged as an adult, were charged with killing 21-year-old Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar.

JFC, here we go again (inauguration crowd wars)

Something really triggered our progressive friends when Trump showed the NOAA map showing Dorian heading towards Alabama. Now MSNBC is again proving Obama's inauguration crowd was larger. I am sick of having this argument with the left.

Once again, there is no objective evidence on how large anyone's crowd was. The NPS stopped doing crowd estimates years ago, and no other organization has stepped up.

IMHO, Trump's crowd was larger. I base my opinion on a photo taken behind Trump's right shoulder while he was speaking. In the distance you can see the Lincoln memorial, the crowd looked pretty dense even at the memorial. If I recollect correctly during Obama's inauguration the crowd around the Lincoln memorial was pretty loose.

One other thing please stop using the word unprecedented it doesn't mean what you think it does. Hint it doesn't mean -bad, or evil-. The Republicans cancelling primaries in AZ, etc is not unprecedented. The DNC did the exact same thing in 2012 to support Obama.

A federal appeals court has ruled for the first time that religious believers can invoke the First A

Finally, a court gets to the heart of the issue. The state should not be allowed to force you to support a religious belief.

From Daily Caller:

A federal appeals court has revived a legal challenge to the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA), ruling for the first time that religious business owners can invoke free speech rights when refusing to service a same-sex wedding.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Carl and Angel Larsen, a Christian couple who operate a video production company called Telescope Media Group. The Larsens want to expand their business to include weddings, but state officials say the MHRA requires the Larsens to accommodate both same-sex and opposite sex partners.

“Minnesota’s interpretation of the MHRA interferes with the Larsens’ speech in two overlapping ways,” Judge David Stras wrote for a divided three-judge panel. “First, it compels the Larsens to speak favorably about same-sex marriage if they choose to speak favorably about opposite-sex marriage. Second, it operates as a content-based regulation of their speech.”

I went to a garden party

actually a BBQ m brother threw for his niece and new bride. About 15 folks mostly left of center only 1 real progressive, upper middle class. Some folks of color.

Consensus Trump is going to win re-election, if no dramatic change (peace and prosperity) occurs. Not one person thought Trump was racist for saying Baltimore was rat infested. Even when I explained infested was a racist code word for exterminating brown people (Nichole Wallace).

The most interesting conversation was between the progressive and my brother's wife. She stated only idiots vote for Trump. My brother's wife who is a never Trumper said, no people vote for Trump for a variety of reasons, they're not idiots. Actually there wasn't much of a conversation, she could not understand that, apparently in her circle she had never heard such a thing.

Trump is seen as not very presidential, big majority wishes he would stop tweeting. Big agreement on getting out of Afghanistan, etc. Gun control did not come up.

There is no poem, writing, inscription, or plaque on the Statue of Liberty

It's not the "law of the land".Stephen Miller was correct, the poem "The New Colossus" is not part of the Statue of Liberty.

It is on a small plaque inside the visitor's center.

Since Lazarus’ poem was mounted on a plaque, it is not actually inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. The only Statue of Liberty inscription can be found on the tablet in her left hand, which says JULY IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776), the day the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Security lapses at the Jail where Epstein killed himself

Fairly typical I would say, happens all the time in our correctional facilities.

Last year, a prison guard at the jail, Victor Casado, pleaded guilty to taking more than $25,000 in cash bribes to smuggle cellphones, alcohol and food to a wealthy Turkish gold trader between 2016 and 2017.

He also received thousands of dollars in payments from another inmate, which were given to him by the prisoners relatives and a paralegal representing him.

Casado was sentenced in January to three years in prison by a judge who called the crime an assault on 'our entire system of justice'.

From Daily Mail

Why was Woodstock called Woodstock?

I caught bits and pieces of a PBS show on Woodstock last night. Held on some guys dairy farm (not called Woodstock). It was in the town of Bethel (White Lake). They had to move it but the original location wasn't Woodstock either.
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