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the second pic is photo shopped

The original is different. Way more disturbing is his loving on little girls. Why would you pass on a fake pic?

Miley Cyrus can sing

Yeah, she is outrageous. But she has the voice of a songbird. https://m.

Crying girl meme. CT

I won't post the meme because it turns my stomache to even look at it or know that people spread fake news around, further victimizing the grieving families.

Aurora shooting:The woman in the photograph is Amanda Medek. Some press photos taken of her sitting on a flight of steps included the caption, “Amanda Medek, who is looking for her sister Micayla, sits outside Gateway High School, Friday July 20, 2012, in Aurora, Colo.


The woman shown in the Sandy Hook photo above is Carlee Soto, who had just learned that her sister Vicky Soto was dead. A caption for the iconic photo read: Carlee Soto learns that her sister Vicky Soto is among those killed in the school shooting.

BOSTON BOMBING:The official caption for the image being circulated stated: Emma MacDonald and two friends were photographed at a vigil for the Boston victims.

We could not locate a candid of Emma MacDonald, but below is are two images of her snapped at the Boston vigil:

PARIS: As with the original version of the graphic, someone has merely taken the image of a crying young woman with brown-hair and labeled it as “proof” that the same woman was at all four tragedies. The woman in the Paris photo has not been identified. Press captions of the photo merely describe it in the following manner: “Rescuers evacuate people following an attack in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital Paris.”

Because the three women in the original were identified as different individuals, it would be impossible for the woman in the Paris photo to be all three of them.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Gets Prison Time

"Pozner has spent years using every tool at his disposal to scrub the online record of his son’s memory clean of videos suggesting that Noah and his surviving siblings and his parents are actors perpetrating a massive conspiracy against the American public. Pozner has made some progress in defending his family against these lies, but he said that countering hoaxers is still an uphill battle. Big tech companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are doing far too little to deter the conspiracies, harassment and hatred that flourish on their sites, Pozner said."

Fergie National Anthem- Horrid

Music...find me some awesome artists

This is an amazing live show, I had planned to see jj grey perform, but I've got a brand new grandson on the way, and took the week to go to Pittsburgh to meet him. Priorities.

Anybody else have great music? I love discovering stuff I never heard. My Mofro CD arrived today, and I have been listening nonstop.

Larry Nassar victims

I've watched as many of the impact statements that are available. This young girl is well spoken way beyond her years. I too was molested by a Dr. ,and followed this closely.

MSU, and all of the people who ignored this....tick tick have a whole bunch of victims who have found the courage to speak up.

This is Sandusky PSU × 100

Bad lip reading. Football

This is hilarious.

Super Bowl plans

We are Eagles fans for this game. Have a party in the makings, with about 15 watching it with us, but it likely won't stop at that. We are doing seafood this year. Shrimp, king crab legs, (dry)scallops, that I fry in a parmesan crust, clams, and a few Dungeness Crabs. Guests will be bringing side dishes, and byob.

I sooooo want the Eagles to win, but I'm scared of Tom Brady...Mr. perfect.

Go Eagles..funny vid
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